Editing photos with a computer is much more convenient than editing photos with a phone. Especially for those who often work with computers or edit photos for business needs. So is it possible to use a computer to delete the object in the picture and how to do it?

Is there any way to remove the object in the image on PC?

Currently, Macbook has its own Photos application to be able to edit photos with many outstanding features. However, it is almost impossible for PCs in general to have the ability to edit and delete objects in photos with pre-installed applications.

Therefore, if you want to remove unwanted object pc, you need to download a 3rd party application to your device. Those are photo editing software. There is free software and paid software. Choosing reputable free software will save costs and get the same experience as paid software.

Free software to remove objects in pictures on PC

Apowersoft Watermark Remover

Remove unwanted object pc

Use a computer to remove objects in the image with the Apowersoft Watermark Remover application

Apowersoft Watermark Remover helps users to remove objects in photos, remove watermarks in videos, keep the original image and video quality and format.

This application also gives users a lot of other photo editing options. Simple, intuitive interface. Currently, it is rated as one of the best free object removal software, receiving millions of downloads.

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HitPaw Watermark Remover

Remove unwanted object pc

Edit and delete redundant objects with just a few taps

Not only editing each photo separately, this application also allows you to remove unnecessary objects from videos and images at the same time. Photo editing will become the simplest and most time-saving.


This is one of the very famous photo editing apps. It was originally designed on mobile platforms. It was later available on PCs and tablets. With this application, users not only use computers to remove objects in photos easily. There are tons of other features from PicsArt:

– Adjust the light for the photo.

– Set text for photos and highlight text with highlight feature.

– Taking pictures and recording the camera are merged into 1.

– Adjust, edit audio in video

– There are many stickers and wallpapers themed from time to time.

– There are photo filters for perfect photo editing.

Remove unwanted object pc

PicsArt is a modern photo editing software that is loved by many people

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Advantages of removing objects in pictures on PC

Using a PC to delete pictures will bring a different experience from the phone. For professional photo editors, PC is always the optimal working choice. The computer monitor is wide, allowing the panoramic image to be clearly seen and the most appropriate subject removal options available.

The free photo editing software has an easy-to-use interface. Therefore, it only takes a few steps to delete the object. Even for those who are not tech-savvy, it can be done easily.

Thus, we have learned the way to remove unwanted object pc. All three software above are very effective to remove excess details in the image. In case you need to edit a lot of business photos but don’t have time, please contact Elite Photo Editing for support. We will help you edit the fastest and most beautiful photos according to your needs.


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