If you’re selling your home or are a real estate agent, it’s important to take care of your property to the point where a customer looks at it and says, “This is exactly what I was looking for.” It must not be easy to convince potential customers by appealing to their senses and aesthetic needs. So how to stage real estate staging furniture, when it is clear that the customer will not buy furniture in the house? It should be made clear that you are selling the house, not the contents. But to do that you need to make sure that everything inside and outside your home is attractive enough.

How to arrange the interior of the house?

Cost is one of the top factors that real estate agents care about because cost optimization is a factor that businesses are interested in, not only businesses in the real estate industry. Time and human resources are also factors that cannot be ignored when in a fiercely competitive market, the leader will always easily win. And finally, how will the furniture after selling the house be handled?

How to arrange the interior of the house?

Many questions arise when you want to take care of your property perfectly. However, there is always a solution to meet all your conditions. Meeting the needs of real estate agents, many companies have provided furniture rental services. You can rent them out for a short period of time about a month or so. Hire someone to arrange and return them after the house is sold.

But do you know there is still a solution for you to easily attract potential customers and save a lot more time, cost, and effort, that is virtual interior staging?

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How does real estate staging furniture work?

Everything is very simple when you just need to prepare pictures of the house, the necessary nooks, and crannies of the house that customers may be interested in when buying a home. The rest will be up to the photo editor, it only takes 6 – 12 hours for you to get the picture of a perfect home. With all the necessary furniture and any style, you desire. You can use your photos to reach potential buyers online or print them out to present to customers.

Although it is the optimal solution, virtual interior staging is still limited when customers can only see the staged house online, or through pictures, but not when visiting the house in person.

What does the virtual interior staging photo edit?

More objects

An empty house will become much more attractive and cozy when fully furnished. Maximize the good points of the house and rationalize or mask the bad points of the house. Of course, all furniture is virtualized, so you don’t have to worry about the price of the furniture and can comfortably choose from a variety of home decor styles.


Remove objects, remove redundant details

To make the real estate photo more perfect, excess details, stains on the wall, garbage, or unreasonable items will be removed. Ensuring that the photo is completely clean, the client can focus on the main details of the house without being dominated by superfluous details while ensuring the authenticity of the property.

Light balance

Even if you are a photographer, it is very difficult to get real estate photos in perfect brightness because they are affected a lot by external factors. Don’t be too bothered by real estate photo editing

Everything to get the perfect real estate photo

When performing virtual interior staging, other details will also be edited to get the most perfect real estate photo such as: Adding objects, sharpening images, straightening vertical and horizontal, removing distortions lenses, adjusting brightness & contrast, replacing the sky, improving lawn, enhance river/ocean water, replace TV screen, add fire to a fireplace, remove photographer reflections…

3 reasons you should choose real estate staging furniture

Attract more online buyers

According to NAR (in 2021), 47% of real estate agents believe that home staging has a positive influence on buying decisions. It is clear that staged photos are always significantly more attractive to buyers than empty and boring house photos.

Help buyers visualize how they will decorate their home

Along with the NAR 2021 report, 82% of real estate agents say that staging a property makes it easier for buyers to visualize their future home. This helps the house table faster. According to this report, the layout of the living room is the most important, accounting for 46% of buyers, followed by the bedroom with 43%, and finally the kitchen with 35%.

3 reasons you should choose virtual interior staging

Save time and money

Traditional staging will cost you a minimum of $2000 to rent furniture and arrange them in the house, but with virtual staging, you only need to spend $ 15 for a photo. The gap is significant although each method will have a certain strength. You need to consider to choose for yourself a suitable solution.

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