Today, when everything becomes digitized, selling real estate projects online, is no stranger to anyone. Therefore, the preparation of beautiful real estate photos plays a very important role, they affect the decision to choose to buy real estate projects online. To get beautiful and intuitive real estate photos, photographers can choose between two types traditional staging or virtual staging. So what is virtual staging? And should you choose a virtual or traditional real estate staging company, let’s find out in this article!

Should you choose a virtual or traditional real estate staging company?

What is real estate staging?

The demand for real estate staging appears for many different purposes, but in this article, we will talk about real estate staging in real estate photography. Real estate staging is understood as the organization and arrangement of details: furniture, decorative objects, …. into a house or real estate project to help customers have the most visual look. about their future whereabouts. This has helped attract more customers’ attention to that property than a boring premise. Besides, it can also increase the value of real estate without being too obvious.

Good staging will help buyers visualize the future home, maximize the good points and hide the shortcomings, and turn any room into a space with a system of furniture and objects designed Design and decorate according to the wishes of the customer. From there, the aesthetics of the house will be significantly improved.

The report also makes it clear that staging offers significant benefits to real estate agents: 82% of property buyers say staging makes it easier for them to visualize their future home, which helps them sell their home faster. Moreover, the layout of the living room is very important at 46%, followed by the master bedroom at 43% and the kitchen at 35%.

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Traditional staging

Before the traditional staging, people need to clean the house, treat the stains in the house, garbage, and unnecessary items, or need to repaint the walls if necessary. Then comes the step of organizing the furniture. All furniture will be carefully selected and arranged in the house in a reasonable way. Depending on the target audience, they will have a way to choose the furniture and the staging to best suit the customer.

Virtual staging

Compared to traditional staging, virtual staging saves a lot of time. Because most of the necessary work is done on the computer. After taking photos of real estate, photo editors will use specialized software to process the space. Any stains and unnecessary items will be removed. They will then add furniture in the virtual reality space. The process to get real estate photos only takes about 1-2 hours.

Should you choose traditional real estate staging or virtual staging

One thing is clear virtual staging compared to traditional staging saves a lot of time. Traditional staging takes days or even weeks to organize the entire house, while virtual staging takes only a few hours for a single photo. And for sure, virtual staging is much more cost-effective, from only $12 – $50 you can own high-quality real estate photos.

In addition, virtual staging also has the added advantage that the furniture can be easily replaced, and you will have more options for real estate agents. When a customer requests an edit, you can still edit it to their liking.

However, virtual staging also has limitations such as when the space is only performed in the virtual reality space and the direct buyer will not be able to see the space.

Choosing a virtual staging system has more advantages but still has limitations, businesses can consider the strengths and weaknesses that we offer to choose the right staging method for themselves.

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Real estate virtual staging service at Elite Photo Editing

Understanding the great demand of the real estate photo editing market, Elite Photo Editing also provides high-quality virtual staging services. All photos are taken by a team of seasoned photo editors who have worked on many big projects. We always talk and listen to our customers so that we can provide high-quality photos that match the style of each customer.

In addition to virtual real estate staging services, our company also provides other services such as:

  • Photo Editing
  • Photo retouching
  • Day-to-dusk conversion
  • Panorama 720
  • Floor plan

All will be done by professional photo editors, with many years of experience, at an unbeatable price.

EPE Workflow

Elite Photo Editing Workflow

Step 1: Contact us and send a sample

You can contact Elite Photo Editing via hotline: Mr. Henry Bui (84)3677 55686 or email:, with a 24/7 support team. Rest assured that we will reply to you promptly.

Step 2: Free test

Step 3: Confirm style

Step 4: Agree to pay biweekly

Step 5: Confirm all agreements

Step 6: Start sending your jobs

Quality real estate photos are an important factor that greatly influences the decision-making of customers when buying real estate online. So real estate staging is very important. Hope this article can help you make the right choice between virtual or traditional staging.

Elite Photo Editing nearly 10 years of experience in the field of real estate photo editing

If you have a need for virtual real estate staging, please contact us immediately via hotline: Mr. Henry Bui (84)3677 55686 or email: Professional staff with nearly 10 years of experience will provide you with quality real estate photos, meeting all the most demanding needs of customers.


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