Photo retouching is a great method that is applied in many different aspects of life, especially real estate. If you are looking to perfect the image of your apartment with the best quality? If you are looking for a good and easy-to-use image editing tool. Put in your pocket the very standard and accurate gimp photo retouching tutorial in this article!

What is photo retouching?

Photo retouching is a method of digital photo editing used by many photographers and designers. This technique can remove unwanted objects, unnecessary objects, redundant details, etc. from the image and add different objects to the image through specialized image editing software. . This is considered the final “post-production” step before publishing the image to the outside. Photo retouching helps your images achieve the best quality, are vivid, and have their own imprint.

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Gimp photo retouching tutorial

Adjust the layout

Most photos taken without a tripod will have the horizon tilted to one side. You can completely solve this situation through the Rotate tool in Gimp. First, you turn on the ability to display the grid on the image using the View → Show Grid operation. Next, to straighten the image, click the rotate button from the toolbox to open the tool’s set number. Then you drag the slider to adjust the layout as you like.


After adjusting the perspective layout, you can crop the image through the Crop tool easily. You click the Crop icon from the toolbox and drag around the part you want to keep. The cropped part will be removed and displayed as shaded so you can see it in the process. Adjust the Crop tool to your liking and press crop to get the desired image.


Color Adjustment

If your images are poorly exposed, you can adjust them in the Color Adjustment menu. To access it, right-click in the image window and select Color. You can then choose the tool that best suits your needs for editing: hue, white balance, exposure, saturation, and more.


To correct the color balance and tonal range of an image, you can use the Levels tool in GIMP. This tool gives you different options to modify the Levels of the image from the same window. You can move the sliders, and enter the values ​​below to adjust the tones on the image. In addition, you can also use the automatic editor available in the Levels tool to simplify image editing.


With Gimp, you can use different built-in filters to edit images such as sharpening images, creating color overlays for images, adding special effects, etc. To do these, you can go to Main Menu —> Filters to find the filter that best suits your image.


Other software you can choose

Besides Gimp software, you can also use other tools to edit images such as Photoshop, Affinity Photo, CyberLink PhotoDirector 365, Luminar NEO, Luminar AI… from basic to advanced such as adjusting light and dark, balancing image indexes, adding and removing details,… To do these things well, you need to be equipped with basic knowledge of images and techniques. software usability. Besides, you should practice hard and regularly update the latest design trends to be able to become a good designer in the future.

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Application of photo retouching in real estate

Application of photo retouching in real estate

In the field of real estate, photo retouching plays an extremely important role, bringing great value to businesses and real estate agents. Photo retouching creates photos with high quality and aesthetics. Can serve many different purposes such as building websites, creating brochures introducing projects to customers, setting up advertising campaigns, marketing, exhibitions… to attract more potential customers to come to the business. . In addition, this method also helps businesses save a lot of costs, effort, and human resources while ensuring the marketing process is still effective and creates a good impression on customers.

In addition, photo retouching helps customers clearly visualize the space of the apartment or house that they will own in the future. As a result, customers can see the potential of real estate and promote business activities of enterprises to take place more effectively and easily.

Can you edit real estate photos automatically?

Currently, you can completely edit real estate photos automatically through specialized software. This software is integrated with modern Ai technology and has many filters available for you to apply to your images. However, automatic photo editing has many limitations such as not meeting the difficult editing requirements, not ensuring the detail and aesthetics of the photo, and not matching the tastes of the viewer,… In addition, you can use outsourced image editing services to completely solve the above limitations.

With more than 10 years of operation in the field of real estate photo editing, Elite Photo Editing is one of the leading units providing photo retouching services in the market. We are strategic partners of hundreds of large companies from 20 different countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore,… With rich experience and technicians, Elite Photo Editing will offer the best image quality at an extremely affordable price, from as little as $2 per image to be retouched.

Can you edit real estate photos automatically?

More than half, of Elite Photo Editing, has a transparent and open workflow. Customers will be involved in the editing process and make appropriate adjustments so that the output product closely meets the customer’s requirements. In particular, there should be no late delivery of products or wrong requirements.

Elite Photo Editing contact

Whenever you have a need, please immediately contact the Elite Photo Editing hotline Mr. Henry Bui (84)3677 55686, or email: for more details. We are ready to support our customers 24/7 with all professionalism, dedication, and credibility. In addition, Elite Photo Editing is implementing a free product test policy for customers who register today, see more here.

With these shares, Elite Photo Editing hopes that you will be able to create the best images through the gimp photo retouching tutorial above. Do not forget to visit our website to read the latest news and receive more attractive offers!


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