In order for a picture to be perfect and more attractive, it is necessary to go through the post-production stage of photo editing. Currently, this technique is no stranger to studios and photographers. Today, the following article will share some photo retouching tutorial tips. Hope you will get more useful knowledge to improve your skills.

Photo retouching tutorial professional for all those who want to improve their skills

What benefits does photo retouching bring to your photos?

Photo Retouching is the process of editing raw photos with specialized photo editing software. Specifically, photo editors will use tools available in the software to adjust light, color, composition, and add or remove objects, objects … After taking, even though the photo has a Reasonable layout but not enough or too bright light also makes them look unsightly. Therefore, photo retouching is considered a step to help refine your photos. more harmonious and eye-catching.

Especially, for photos used for display, advertising, printing, or public sale purposes, retouching is even more important. In this case, photographers or businesses will have higher requirements for their photos to be able to attract good looks from customers and increase business profits.

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Is self-photo retouching difficult?

Usually, depending on the state of each photo, the photo retouching process will have different operations from easy to difficult. Therefore, in order to be able to adjust a satisfactory photo by themselves, the editor must have basic knowledge and skills in using tools in photo editing software. In particular, with photos with strict requirements such as real estate photo editing, the editor must be really experienced, highly specialized, and have good aesthetics. If you want to become a professional editor then you can sign up for courses, watch video tutorials, and practice photo editing regularly. Below, this article will give you photo retouching tutorial that may help you.

Photo retouching guide for those who want to improve their skills


This is a tool to help adjust the range of photos and remove some unwanted images. When you select the Crop tool, the screen will display a rectangular selection frame, you can easily drag and select or adjust the frame to keep the appropriate image area. In addition, this tool also allows the editor to adjust the angle of the photo by rotating or straightening it.

Brightness and Contrast

This is a tool that has the function of adjusting the light of the photo. If you are having a photo with inappropriate brightness such as too dark or too faded then this is a solution for you.

When you click this tool, the screen will display a toolbar so you can easily adjust or enter arbitrary parameters. With Brightness, this function allows you to change the brightness and darkness of the overall image. Besides, you can use the Contrast tool to adjust the contrast between light and shadow. When combining these two tools together, the photo will become much more outstanding and impressive.

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This tool allows you to adjust the color vibrancy of an area or the entire image. When selecting the saturation function in image editing software, a toolbar will appear so that you can customize the increase or decrease of the color of the image. For the case where the object to be edited is a tree or a sky, this will be a useful tool to help the photo have fresher and more harmonious colors.



Sharpen is known for making your image areas sharper by increasing the contrast next to the pixels that make up the image. Normally, after you have fully adjusted the size of the image, you will use the Sharpen tool, because the selected area to be sharpened will change according to the image size.

However, you should use this feature in moderation, if you adjust the sharpness too much, your photos will become unnatural or may appear unsightly halos.

Color Temperature/Color Adjust

This is a tool that allows you to adjust the color according to the image area: light, dark and neutral areas. With this toolbar, you can easily drag the slider to increase or decrease the color tone. If you drag the slider closer to any color, the color coverage of the image will increase, and vice versa, if you drag the slider further away, the color coverage will decrease. The edited photo will become warmer or colder depending on how much you adjust.

Color Temperature/Color Adjust


An eraser is a tool that helps you easily remove unwanted objects or objects in photos. When you click this feature, you can change the size or transparency, or sharpness of the eraser to suit your intended use. In addition, some of the popular photo editing software will have a Background Eraser feature, which is a useful tool to help erase the background of your photos.

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