When buying real estate online, homebuyers often tend to view properties from multiple angles during the day. To convert day and night as well as light for photos, real estate businesses often use the day to night conversion technique. So, what is the day to night conversion? Is there a company that provides outsourced services? Let’s take a look at 5 things you need to know when using this service in the article below!

What is the day to night conversion?


Day to night conversion is a service to convert real estate images from day to sunset. Technicians will use specialized software to replace the daytime sky with sunset or twilight views to create more compelling versions of the image. During that process, relevant details such as the color of the trees, the shadow of the house, the lights, etc. will also be adjusted to suit the overall look. As a result, the images will be realistic and vivid, bringing great benefits to businesses.

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Why do you need a day to night conversion for your house photo?

Currently, home buyers tend to want to admire real estate images from many angles as well as at different times of the day. To meet the tastes of customers, many businesses have used the day to night conversion to create many different versions of images: daytime photos, sunset photos, night photos, etc. not only attract more potential customers but also motivate them to buy real estate faster.

Besides, day to night conversion also helps your images achieve better quality, vividness, and close to reality. Through beautiful images, businesses can save a lot of product marketing costs while still ensuring the effectiveness of marketing activities. Think about it, if you promote with a less attractive image, few people will care and it will cost a lot of money. On the contrary, if you market based on an eye-catching day to night conversion images, your business will have more customers at a very reasonable cost.

Is there an outsourced day to night conversion service?

Is there an outsourced day to night conversion service?

Maybe you don’t know? Many units on the market are currently providing outsourced day to night conversion services. This is a good sign to help real estate businesses optimize their images more effectively as well as have more choices.

However, not all units provide the same service as advertised. There are still many photo editing companies that produce poor-quality products that do not meet the standards when it comes to day to night conversion. Therefore, businesses and people who need to use this service, need to be equipped with knowledge as well as pocket the 5 things to know below!

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5 things you need to know when using this outsourcing service


The first factor that you need to consider when choosing an outsourcing company is quality. A good photo is a photo with high sharpness and realism. At the same time, convey the message as well as meet the requirements of the business. In addition, the day to night conversion service often includes many different aspects that you need to pay attention to such as:

Correction of sky color scheme, details.

Adjust light tint and color.

Light change.

Overcoming adverse weather conditions…

Service costs

Because many different companies in the market provide day to night conversion services, the price also varies. Typically, prices range from $3 to $10 per image to be converted. This price can change based on the requirements, as well as the difficulty that the customer wants. You can check out the very good conversion rate, only 3$ here!

5 things you need to know when using this outsourcing service

Completion time

When choosing an outsourced day to night conversion service, you should pay attention to the time it takes to complete a photo. Quick completion time will help your business can keep up with the latest trends. Can be applied to the image to be edited as well as adjusted accordingly. Fast completion time also shows the professionalism and high skill of the units you are about to hire.

Policies and commitments attached

Before cooperating with any outsourcer, you need to carefully study the policies and commitments attached. This is an important step to help minimize risks as well as unnecessary cases arising in the working process.

Working process

Most outsourcers will work with customers 100% online, so you need to pay attention to the workflow. A reputable unit will have an open, efficient, and transparent working process. All customer information will be kept confidential. In particular, the quotation, as well as the contract, will be worked out clearly before starting cooperation.

Which unit provides the leading day to night conversion service today?

If you are looking for a reputable and quality day to night service provider, please contact Elite Photo Editing immediately. We have more than 10 years of experience in this field, committed to bringing the best quality images at the best price. Our clients are large real estate companies, and price photography from more than 20 countries around the world. More than 95% of them give positive reviews about the service at Elite Photo Editing so you can rest assured.

When Elite Photo Editing, you will enjoy many attractive policies and incentives. On the other hand, customers will be working according to the clearest, most open, and transparent process, ensuring the interests of customers as well as producing the most beautiful and impressive images. For more information, please contact the hotline Mr. Henry Bui (84)3677 55686, or email: admin@elitephotoedit.com for the best support!

So, you have just reviewed 5 things to keep in mind when using the day to night conversion service. Hopefully, with this information, you have found a reputable and quality service provider. Don’t forget to visit Elite Photo Editing’s website to update more interesting news!

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