You have a daytime real estate photo. But I want them to be a sunset photo with warm room lights. Use Elite Photo Editing’s day to dusk photo editing service now. Real estate agents and photographers are currently using this service to make sunset photos more appealing. To better understand this photo editing service, the following article on Elite Photo Editing will give you an overview of them.

What is day-to-dusk photo editing?

Day to dusk photo editing is also known as virtual twilight. This is a real estate photo editing technique to change the sky color or tone for details to create a gorgeous and attractive sunset photo. The correction will be carried out based on the customer’s wishes and the photos’ reasonableness.


During changing the sky, the designers will proceed to edit the relevant details: the colors of the trees, the lights, and more based on their reality. As a result, your photos will have the highest realism. They are the premise to help customers feel impressed about the real estate projects they are looking for.

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What retouching requirements does this service cover in real estate photos?

Day to dusk photo editing is more than just changing the color of your sky. The equipment will carry out the adjustment of every small detail including:

  • The color of trees, fences, etc
  • More lights and lights
  • Get rid of the sun
  • Choose the right sky color
  • Pool color correction
  • ….

In addition, this service does not include removing redundant objects. So, if you want to remove all those details, you need to use additional photo editing services. Then they will have a higher price.

How to make your sunset photos more realistic

A photo has the highest realism when every little detail is guaranteed to be realistic. For example, a sunset space would include lighting the bulbs and correcting for the deep tones. Moreover, The designers will change the intensity of light and shade for surrounding details in spaces with many light bulbs. This technique requires them to have background knowledge and good graphic thinking. And not everyone can imagine and perform detailed shading for each object. Only well-trained and experienced people can do the job.

How to make your sunset photos more realistic

This fine-tuning of every little detail helps your clients feel like they’re admiring a real photo. In addition, you should combine 2 photos at 2 different times at the same time so that customers can get the most detailed feel of the space they will buy. Then, it will stimulate the process of contacting and booking an appointment to visit the real estate project faster. You can find more potential customers and sell apartments at the best price.

With the value that day-to-dusk photo editing brings, surely you will not be able to ignore this convenient service. Currently, many units are providing this service outsourced with different prices. So, what is the most reasonable price for the day-to-dusk photo editing service?

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How much does it cost for a day-to-dusk editing photo?

With big companies like Elite Photo Editing, the Company will offer prices for day-to-dusk photo editing from as little as $3 per photo. This price includes changing the color of the sky and editing small details around it.

With a photo, the staff will refer to the customer’s wishes combined with their photo editing experience to create a perfect image with the highest level of realism.

Nowadays, most of the day-to-night edited photos are of high-value homes and villas. Therefore, editing these photos from day to night will simultaneously add elegance and appeal to them. At that time, customers will feel the value of these villas and think that spending a large amount of money is quite reasonable for this perfect space.

The best photo editing service provider today

Elite Photo Editing is the best choice for day-to-dusk photo editing

Elite Photo Editing is the best choice for day-to-dusk photo editing. The unit has more than 10 years of experience in real estate photo editing. There are hundreds of customers, who have trusted to use the company’s services. Typically with a brokerage agency that has cooperated with Elite Photo Editing since 2014 until now. This has partly proved the prestige and quality of service the company brings to its customers.

Furthermore, Elite Photo Editing is willing to edit a customer’s test product if necessary to prove its competence. We are free for all new customers. So, you can completely trust us when using the service of Elite Photo Editing.

For more information, please contact the hotline Mr. Henry Bui (84)3677 55686, or email: for the best support!

Hopefully, the writing will help you better understand the day-to-dusk photo editing service. This service will help your home space become much more attractive with the dominant deep color tone. The harmonious combination of sky colors along with delicately adjusted surrounding details will help create the most perfect real estate photo.

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