Today, real estate marketing has gone almost completely digital. It is not only a consequence of the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is simply a reflection of how most people use media today. 97% of people who buy houses used the Internet to find homes in 2021. And that confirms virtual house staging is an essential part of selling a home for the highest price.

Are you wondering what virtual staging is in real estate? And does it look realistic enough to replace conventional interior staging? Let’s find out in this post!

Virtual house staging service by Photo Editing

What is virtual house staging?

Virtual home staging is a type of home staging in which the interior design is created in a graphic editor. Virtual staging is especially popular among real estate agents. The main goal of this visualization is to create a highly realistic image of the property. The main advantages of virtual staging over traditional home staging are time-saving and cost-effective. Virtual staging costs 90% cheaper than conventional staging.

Marketing an empty house can bring considerable benefits. Data analysis algorithms scan millions of images on the Internet and evaluate them for social media likes and views to create interior and decoration models for virtual staging.

 What benefits does the virtual house staging service bring?

Renovate the house without investing in new equipment

Actual staging takes time to deliver furniture, refurbish, and set up. However, with the fast pace of today’s real estate market, that is not appropriate. Because when selling a property, it’s necessary to get the ad’s images up and running within a few days – not weeks. The main advantage of Virtual Staging is that virtual staging rotation times are usually just a few days and cost savings. Typically, the price for a virtual staging room is about 95% cheaper than the actual staging. You don’t have to waste time, energy, and money to have a home organized the way you want it to be.

Can create many different styles for the room, unlimited editing

Virtual staging allows for increased flexibility that is not possible with physical staging. For example, with physical staging, you can only choose one design style. But with virtual staging, you can display your home in several styles and designs, seeking to appeal to different target customers. Another benefit of virtual staging is that it allows buyers to explore different style options for the same room.

For example, will the sofa you have your eye on match your great room? And would a blue or beige one look better? Buyers can experience a variety of colors and styles. Even experience in different moods without spending time and money on moving furniture. You won’t be able to do that with traditional staging!

Increase the effectiveness of online marketing

Nowadays, online marketing for products is so popular. And real estate is no exception. The fact that your real estate images have to be edited well before advertising it. A beautiful picture will attract customers to come and buy. Your home will look neat, excellent, and in an ancient or modern way. Furniture plays a vital role in creating that feeling. Therefore, virtual house staging will help you a lot with this.

Make a strong impression on customers

The customers will be impressed with the house with its beautiful interface. Compared with houses that have only undergone ordinary editing, the pictures with elaborate interior decoration are more attractive. They will contact you as soon as they see beautiful photos of your home.

Create professionalism for businesses and photographers

Beautiful images are the interface that creates professionalism for businesses and photographers. Every customer will be impressed with your work by the refinement of each photo. Virtual staging will make a significant difference. Virtual staging will take your home to the next level.

Can be used for many different purposes

Traditional home staging furniture depends on inventory and available expertise of your staging company. With virtual staging, we can use any piece of furniture on the internet. The quality of your design will show off the best parts of the house’s space without worrying about the logistics of moving furniture or missing pieces of available furniture. If customers love staged virtual design, they can shop for furniture to decorate their home.

In some cases, it’s a good idea to include both blank and virtually staged photos in your business listing, as well as a disclaimer about the use of virtual staging. It prevents dealers and buyers from feeling like something has gone wrong or the design does not suit their taste.

What benefits does the virtual house staging service bring?

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What is a satisfactory photo when using the virtual house staging service?

Satisfying customer requirements

Service people first need to know the preferences of customers. In virtual staging, it is necessary to know what type of furniture your customers like and dislike. So that you can choose which virtual equipment is suitable for them. You can ask them what kind of furniture design they would like to have in the virtual room. You can also then ask if they’d like to get a virtual furniture and appliance catalog available to list and give you in advance. It may sound troublesome on your part, but as a supplier, you need to put that much effort to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Each customer will have different design needs.

The customer’s design needs are the priority. Sometimes it’s important to note that even when branding is essential, adding a touch of personal branding isn’t always appealing. If possible, focus on customer requirements and avoid adding unnecessary details. Because some fastidious customers will not like the whole photo if you switch their photo to a slightly different design direction.

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The design is suitable for the house, and the objects are arranged reasonably in style and color.

The basic principle of interior design is to use only furniture that can match the room’s design. It is an immutable rule. Appliances, furniture, and decoration, everything has to match the room. When we say home style, it means the overall theme of the house. Does it have a modern design? Or, is it more modern or classic?

However, the basic rule of room decoration is not to overdo it. Keep it to a minimum and avoid being too flashy. It’s still best to prioritize minimalism in your design.

What is a satisfactory photo when using the virtual house staging service?

Virtual house staging service provider

As you can see, virtual staging in real estate is a trend that won’t go away anytime soon. Virtual staging not only makes your business easier but also saves you money on home staging and repairs.

So why don’t you give us a try? Please contact Elite Photo Editing via hotline (+84) 367755686 or website: We always support you 24/7!

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