The real estate market is starting to heat up again after the Covid pandemic. Along with that, the potential for real estate filming services is also expanding. Because the peculiarity of this type of business is to “see and hear”. Therefore, today, let’s explore with Elite Photo Edit about real estate filming service to feel all the real things!

real estate filming

Prestigious and professional real estate filming service

The basic rules of real estate shooting should know

One of the most important factors in creating a beautiful and deep shot when shooting real estate is composition. Composition rules are laid out to help accurately shape the subject and lay out the different elements. To be able to shoot the most suitable moments for real estate.

This rule can be applied in all situations to bring beautiful, balanced, harmonious real estate movies and attract the eyes of customers.

  • Layout
  • Composition that balances the elements in the scene
  • Symmetry rule
  • Golden ratio
  • Rule of triangles

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What are the types of real estate filming?

Filming real estate and real estate is now very common. This is really an extremely effective marketing method for your real estate project. You can freely create content and share to spread information about your project to customers.

However, to make a difference, a video of the highest quality in terms of content and form, you need a professional real estate filming service. Currently, the typical popular types of real estate filming can be mentioned as:

  • Slide show
  • Virtual Tour
  • Documentary

real estate filming

Filming real estate is an extremely effective marketing method

Notes when filming professional real estate

To be able to conduct the most effective real estate filming, there are a few notes that you need to remember to make a more impression on viewers. In it, specifically:

  • Shoot every room in the house, from multiple angles
  • Focus on the highlights and amenities inside and out of the home
  • A few more scenes of the area around the house

Advantages of real estate filming

Real estate filming services require high aesthetics and sharpness to every detail. Therefore, the equipment used to record and take pictures must always have a very high resolution to support clearer shooting.

In addition, images and videos are processed in a very professional manner in order to bring to customers real estate movies of good quality and high aesthetics. Currently, both virtual reality image capture technology and high resolution photography have been applied to real estate filming services to bring customers new and unique images and videos.

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Elite Photo Editing – Professional real estate photo editing company

Elite Photo Editing’s team was established with a core force of highly qualified professionals in the field of providing videography services. Besides, Elite Photo Editing has many years of experience in the field of real estate filming. Therefore, we are confident in our professionalism, serious attitude and work efficiency.

real estate filming

Elite Photo Editing will bring you the best real estate filming solution

Because of always caring and prioritizing the interests of customers, Elite Photo Editing always strives to bring the most reasonable price to customers. Customer satisfaction is the driving force and belief for Elite Photo Editing to develop! Contact Elite Photo Editing immediately to experience the most prestigious and professional real estate filming service!

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