Real estate image editing is considered to be an important factor for better real estate marketing. So in the editing process, how is the photo refreshed? What editing software is being used commonly today? Is real estate image editing expensive? Let’s find out in the article below.

Real estate image editing – Photo by Elite Photo Editing

The difference between an edited and unedited real estate photo

A photo in general and a real estate photo in particular after being edited will have certain changes such as:

Sharpness factor and image quality: The quality of the edited photo will have a sharp change compared to the original image. The edited image becomes sharper and more vivid, giving viewers the most realistic and general view.

The value of the photo: Real estate image editing can change the composition of a photo. An ordinary photo after being polished will become more beautiful and attractive in the eyes of customers.

Customer reviews: In addition to consultants, real estate images also contribute to convincing customers to be interested in your project. Besides, beautiful, clear and well-organized images will give customers a feeling of satisfaction and trust in the real estate seller.

Professionalism from investors: A company or unit with an image investment shows that this is a professional, reputable and reliable working unit in the real estate market.

The appearance of a photo can be completely changed with just a few basic real estate photo editing techniques

Science and technology are developing day by day, so photo editing services are also growing. Real estate photo editing technology can bring more beautiful, vivid and perfect photos. Some common real estate image editing techniques include:

Remove Unnecessary Objects: Deleting unnecessary objects is a fairly useful and popular photo retouching technique. Adding less elements to the image helps the viewer to observe closely and visualize the house in more detail.

Change the sky: Depending on the scene, the request of the customer, the editor changes the sky light or dark. Performing sky correction helps customers have a more detailed look at each scene of the house as well as helping the color of the photo to be more harmonious.

Adjust lighting and sharpness parameters: Editing photos can be manipulated to increase or decrease the dark or vice versa to match the overall image. In case the image is blurred or blurred, the sharpness must be increased for easy observation.

Add effects: Effects are an integral part of real estate image editing. Using more effects when editing photos will produce photos with colors that attract viewers. The photo editing software is very diverse in effects to meet the different needs and interests of customers: poetic, romantic, simple, gentle, fresh and youthful…

The most commonly used real estate image editing software today

Real estate image editing is now greatly supported by photo editing software. Some popular editing software today used by photo editors are:

Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is the perfect photo editing software to meet all your photo editing, image optimization and special effects needs. This software supports the most popular scanners, digital cameras and graphic formats. Photo Pos Pro allows you to open multiple utilities at once and undo and redo actions as many times as you need.

Photo Pos Pro – Photo by Elite Photo Editing


PhotoScape is a program that has all the basic functions to edit and design photos, very suitable for those who practice real estate photo editing. This software is small, compact, has many useful features and is especially free to download.

PhotoScape – Photo by Elite Photo Editing


Photoshop is definitely a photo editing software that is not too strange for professional designers, designers… With divine and useful photo editing tools, this is a photo editing application for the world. real estate photo editing reference.


How much does each real estate photo after editing cost? Is it worth your investment?

Each photo after editing will bring you many benefits such as: attracting many customers, easily consulting, increasing the likelihood of customers coming to see real estate projects directly. Real estate photo editing will help increase sales efficiency for businesses. Therefore, the cost to edit real estate photos is extremely worth it.

Elite Photo Editing – Bulk real estate photo editing service provider

Currently, on the market, there are many units providing real estate image editing services. But not all service providers have good service quality. If you are looking for a reputable, quality real estate photo editing unit that receives many good reviews and feedback from customers, Elite Photo Editing is a name you definitely should not miss.

Elite Photo Editing has many years of experience in photo editing in the industry, professional staff and technicians can quickly edit 8000 real estate photos per day.  At EPE, service quality and customer satisfaction always come first. Products when delivered to customers are always guaranteed to have sharp, vivid and attractive colors.

Hopefully, the information about updating photos with Elite Photo Editing’s real estate photo editing service has been helpful for you. If you have any questions or need to edit real estate photos, do not hesitate to contact us at website or via hotline +(84)3677 55686 to receive Free consultation!



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