According to the development of society, the field of real estate is considered extremely “hot” today. Along with that, the services accompanying this field are equally bustling. One of them is real estate photography post processing services. In the article below, we will provide some more information related to this topic for everyone to have a better overview.

Editing real estate images is one of the most important steps to perfect, outstanding and eye-catching finished products.

What is real estate image processing?

Real estate image processing or real estate photography post processing is understood as a post-production job after having the original image file. These people will be responsible for using specialized software to correct color, composition and perfect the actual images. It is also possible to create an image according to the design of a real estate project – a real estate product that is about to be listed. The images through the processing process still ensure the naturalness, however, they will be sharp, well-balanced and the color according to the editor’s intention.

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Why is post-processing of real estate photos important?

In fact, if only RAW images were taken and published, their aesthetic value would not be high. This service was born to help studios, professional real estate photographers as well as project investors can own impressive sets of photos, contributing to attracting potential customers.

At the same time, the importance of real estate photography post processing  lies in showing customers the advantages of real estate products. From there, they can better understand the project, know how the project has potential for development. Besides, using edited real estate images also increases the professionalism of the unit, making customers believe in their ability.

The importance of real estate image editing also lies in showing customers the advantages of real estate products.

Software that supports real estate photography post processing

Here are two popular and popular real estate photography post processing software:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is definitely a software – the most used application today. It is designed to be compatible with both MacOS and Windows platforms. In addition to the desktop application, Adobe also released Lightroom on mobile devices, which has the ability to allow users to edit photos anywhere with their smartphones.

With real estate images, people use Lightroom to process RAW images to ensure its sharpness and realism. The image after editing with this software is completely unbroken and retains its original parameters. Besides, Lightroom’s extreme color blending ability is also a point to note, it can automatically blend colors professionally according to the operator’s correction.

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Lightroom Enfuse plugin

This is one of the standard special photo color correction applications, also belonging to Lightroom. However, the Lightroom Enfuse Plugin allows practitioners to blend multiple exposures directly from within Lightroom using the open source Enfuse application. This will make real estate images more intuitive and unique, but also need to be careful when adjusting to avoid too bright photos.

Elite Photo Editing – Professional on-demand real estate image editing company

With many years of experience in the field of professional real estate photography post processing, Elite Photo Editing is committed to bringing customers the most satisfactory and quality image products. The staff at Elite Photo Editing all possess design expertise, editing skills as well as good aesthetic vision. All these factors contribute to giving customers the best service experience!

Elite Photo Editing – Professional on-demand real estate image editing company

In case customers want to learn more about real estate photography post processing services or request a quote, customers can contact Elite Photo Editing via Hotline (+84) 3677 55686 (Mr. Henry Bui) or for a quick consultation.

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