Today, almost every activity is connected to the Internet in our digital world. We pay bills on the Internet; we sell and buy products through the Internet. The Internet is the first place we go to find information about anything. Businesses and potential buyers can easily meet their needs thanks to the Internet, which has created favorable conditions for the real estate industry. So, outsource virtual staging service how much does it cost for a photo? And Which company provides this outsourcing service?

Virtual Staging is the easiest way to make a great impression on your customers

Search for the ideal future home with just one click and visualize it before seeing it in real life. This helps potential buyers make decisions based on what they see and receive as information with real images attached. Often, buyers have made half of their decision whether or not to buy a home after they see listings on the internet. Or at least, they will decide whether or not to dig deeper into the house they like. Next, direct testing to reinforce the decision. All of this is possible thanks to a technique that brokers use today: virtual staging of the house.

Some people consider virtual staging to be impractical, but this is not at all true because with virtual staging you are not deceiving the buyer. Rather you show them all the possibilities they can do with a space. Virtual staging not only provides a very realistic view of the future home but is also very efficient and convenient.


Virtual Staging is the easiest way to make a great impression on your customers

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Virtual Staging provides not only a preview of the actual space but also the potential space

Virtual Staging allows buyers to visualize what their future home will look like. In the first place, this is what helps sellers close deals. This approach is very effective when they have the opportunity to see the different possibilities that their future home has. It will enhance the visual appeal of the place by bringing in the interior and incorporating decorative details. Virtual Staging turns a space into a welcoming and warm home. Depending on the customer’s preferences, digital furniture can take on a variety of styles. However, buyers need to keep in mind that what they see is 3D rendered by virtual staging, and what they buy is space.

Virtual staging is cost-effective 

Virtual staging services are very cost-effective. It is extremely inconvenient to waste time, energy, and money to have the venue organized traditionally. You just need to provide pictures of the available rooms. Staging virtually produces the same results as traditional staging within a few days. You can even choose the design and decor details you want to include in the rooms that form a digital library the agency has. Typically, the price for a virtual staging room is about 95% cheaper than the actual staging.

Virtual Staging is a way to redecorate a space

Sometimes the house for sale is a space that is filled with a lot of clutter. If you want to show potential buyers the space, you can opt for virtual staging. This technique helps you to clean up and redesign the interior according to the taste of your target audience. Instead of an unflattering image, you can provide an uncluttered space with stylish design and decorative accents.

In short, virtual staging provides a vision of the space’s potential. And the fact that buyers go online to search for their dream home reinforces how important the first impression that virtual processes can make. Therefore, the demand for outsourcing virtual staging services is increasing. Because it is a fact that you outsource virtual staging will be much cheaper than traditional staging and directly invest a team of editors for the company.


How much do outsourcing virtual staging services cost for a photo?

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How much do outsourcing virtual staging services cost for a photo?

Here, we will take a closer look at how much virtual home staging usually costs, is it worth your consideration and use for your marketing?

As I mentioned above, virtual staging is often more cost-effective than regular staging, but how much can you save? And is it worth the investment? What is the difference between the price of virtual staging services? It depends on how many rooms you need to organize, how much space you want to decorate, and the turnaround time you need for the image. Overall, costs will range from $15 to $25 per photo, but some contractors may charge significantly more for their services. Besides, other contractors can charge lower fees. You can refer to prices on websites to compare and average prices. However, the important thing that affects the price is the factors related to the selected furniture, room type, area, etc. Besides the price criteria, you should also choose a company that provides outsourced virtual staging and a variety of editing styles, so that the designs become unique and different.

Which company offers virtual staging outsourcing?

VRX Staging

VRX Media Group was founded in 2016 in Wisconsin. The company specializes in virtual staging as well as local real estate photography. They provide quite a full range of services related to virtual staging including virtual staging, paint color change, furniture removal, and day to dusk. Delivery time is about 24 hours. Current prices for services are as follows:

  • $29 per virtual staging image
  • $55 for virtual staging and furniture removal
  • $15 per image to change color
  • $10 per image for virtual sunset
  • $5 per image for blue sky and green grass enhancements

Virtually Staging Properties

Virtual Staging Properties was founded by a real estate agent and professional consultant. The company provides traditional staging services in the Atlanta area and virtual home staging services worldwide. They offer a virtual staging service with a turnaround time of 48 hours. Most of the customers are satisfied with the service. However, they do not offer furniture removal or wall or floor color changes. Take a quick look at their pricing:

Virtual staging starts at $39 per photo with a selection of furniture and doesn’t include any editing services. Custom virtual staging starts at $60 per photo with furniture selected by a team of experts. Virtual Seamless VSP Pro is a package for interior designers and professionals, and prices vary but are often very high.

Virtual Staging Solutions

 Next, Virtual Staging Solutions is a global virtual staging company operating in over 120 countries. The company provides virtual staging for furnished and unfurnished homes. Services provided include: Organizing virtual homes for empty and furnished rooms; including cleaning and tidying up; Changing wall color; Upgraded floors and cabinets and new countertops. Turnaround time 1 to 2 days. Services are priced as follows:

  • $300 for four virtual staged shots
  • $375 for five photos
  • $159 per remodeled photo
  • $299 per building photo

Also, $15 to $55 per photo for real photos printed on high-quality photo paper


VisualStager is do-it-yourself (DIY) virtual staging software. In other words, instead of outsourcing virtual staging, you do it yourself. With DIY, you can easily drag and drop furniture into empty rooms, but it doesn’t offer the more sophisticated features of companies. VisualStager applications include Self-staging with design options; Best used for empty or mostly empty rooms; Easy to use for agents, photographers, and agents; In addition, virtual furniture cleaning services. To start using the application software, it will cost you about $99, and pay a monthly fee to maintain its use.

Which company offers virtual staging outsourcing?


Australia-based BoxBrownie specializes in virtual staging, image enhancement, virtual retouching, and photo retouching. Some of BoxBrownie’s services include: Transfer exterior property images from daylight to sunset; Edit photos, including removing clutter from the room; Adding furniture and decorations; Floor plans and 360° tours; A variety of design styles, including Urban and Scandinavian. Consider the pricing for their services:

  • $24 per virtually staged photo with enhancements for an additional cost
  • Floor plans from $24 to $32
  • $24 to $176 for virtual renovation
  • $48 or more for 360°. virtual staging
  • $16 to $24 for 360° virtual tours

And finally what works best for you, what you are looking for – outsource virtual staging services by Elitephotoediting

ElitePhotoEditing offers exceptional, high-quality, affordable virtual staging with quick turnaround times. We offer most of our competitors’ services and virtual staging for as little as $25 per image.

Our services include:

  • Virtual Staging for available rooms or with furniture
  • Change colors for walls, furniture, and floors
  • Digital declarations and corrections and updates
  • Also, improved blue sky and green grass
  • And many other editing services depending on customer requirements.

Virtual staging is a strength of Elite Photo Editing

With a team of nearly 35 skilled technicians, we can process an unlimited number of photos per day. Along with that, quality is always the top criterion for all services at ElitePhotoEditing. With a diverse and rich library of furniture for virtual staging, ElitePhoto Editing promises to bring you amazing pictures.

We have a 24/7 customer care team. Within 20 to 24 hours, the photos will be received, processed, and returned to the customer. ElitePhotoEditing’s editorial team and customer service will handle any customer complaint promptly. We commit and guarantee the maximum benefits to customers in cost, image quality, and variety. If you are still wondering about online jobs that will not satisfy your needs, please try our service. We believe that business is a win-win for all participants. Take a minute and learn more about our team and our commitments to sustainability and community investing. Immediately contact the hotline + (84) 3677 55686 or the website

Let Elitephotoediting’s Virtual Staging impress your clients and grow your business!

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