Real estate photo editing is one of the most popular photo post-production services today. The image after editing will have harmony, helping viewers visualize the most visually. Currently, there are many software and applications used to edit real estate photos. In the article below, we will mention how to Lightroom real estate editing for everyone’s reference.

What is Lightroom real estate photo editing?

RAW capture

RAW photography mode is also known as raw shooting mode. Photos after taking are taken directly from the camera, not through editing on the device. This helps to ensure that all parameters on the image are preserved. Because it has not been edited in the software, the parameters on RAW images will be easily changed during the image editing process after shooting. This is also an important factor to edit real estate photos with Lightroom because the original image quality is high, so the edited image is also guaranteed to be sharp and not broken.

Edit real estate images in Adobe Lightroom

Here are some real estate photo adjustments with Lightroom that everyone needs to keep in mind.

Adjust the brightness

The brightness adjustment tool is capable of adjusting the brightness of photos in Adobe Lightroom. Specifically, the person performing photo editing can adjust the exposure (increasing the brightness of the highlights); contrast (adjust the color contrast of the details of the photo); Brighten and darken the entire image.

Change highlights and shadows

Changing shadows and highlights can help real estate photos enhance their aesthetic value. However, when lightening dark areas or lightening, you also need to balance the harmony, avoiding the appearance of unnecessary white points.

Sharpness adjustment

In fact, when using photos taken in RAW mode, it was relatively sharp. However, if you want the image to achieve even more sharpness, you can consider using the “Sharpness” tool to make the image look sharper. However, you should only adjust it to a moderate level because if you adjust this item to Maximum, the image will be hard, no longer soft.

Adjusting sharpness is also a step in real estate photo editing with Lightroom

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Adjust the temperature

Adjusting the temperature in real estate photo editing with Lightroom helps to correct warm or cold colors in photos. People will usually move the slider to the left if the color is too yellow, to the right if the color is too blue. The tint of the image can also be adjusted to help correct the blue or purple hues present in the image. Specifically, move the slider to the left if the color is too purple, to the right if the color is too blue.

Saturate the correct colors

The correct saturation of colors will show the purity and naturalness of the color. When there is high saturation, the color will be clean and vibrant. In the case of low saturation, the color will be cloudy and dull. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the color tone that is suitable for the scene or the intention of the real estate project owner.

Benefits of Lightroom real estate editing

Some of the benefits of Lightroom real estate editing are:

-Extremely good RAW image processing ability: Lightroom software allows editing RAW image files directly without image compression and color correction without affecting the image’s contours;

-Professional photo editing and blending: the color correction functions in Lightroom are diverse and high-quality, helping users to edit the colors of images professionally;

-Intelligent image management: Lightroom provides an intelligent image management system, keeping the original file and storing the image after editing in a separate file. The user is free to create, the retention can be done later;

-Easy-to-use interface: Lightroom allows users to smoothly adjust the zoom in and out, touch connections, adjustment panels,… to their liking;

What are the benefits of editing real estate with Lightroom?

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Above is some information related to how to Lightroom real estate editing that we have compiled and provided to everyone. If you want to learn more about real estate photo editing services in general, you can contact Elite Photo Editing via Hotline (+84) 3677 55686 (Mr. Henry Bui) or for assistance.

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