How to retouch photos is a question that many real estate companies and photographers are interested in. How to make the photos of apartments on your website look the most eye-catching? How can real estate images impress home buyers? Pocket these great tips to help you edit your photos in the best way in the article below!

What is photo retouching?

Photo retouching for real estate is a useful method adopted by photographers and real estate agents. This technique uses specialized software to remove unwanted objects, unnecessary items, old furniture, redundant details, etc. from the image and add different objects to the image. . This is considered the simplest way to help your real estate image become vivid and have its own mark.

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How to retouch photos?

For real estate photos, you can retouch photos through specialized software such as Photoshop, Affinity Photo, CyberLink PhotoDirector 365, Luminar NEO, Luminar AI… This process requires you to have knowledge. background in image editing. At the same time, you also need to have the skills to use flexibly and create specialized editing software… Besides, to save time and effort, you can use the retouch photos service for real estate. assets of outsourced units. With a price tag of just $2, this is considered an effective solution to produce quality and beautiful real estate photos.

What is photo retouching?

Tips to help you make the best photo editing yourself

For those of you who need to edit images yourself or technicians who need to improve their skills, please pocket the following good tips right away!

Have background knowledge

First, to have complete photos, you need to equip yourself with the basic knowledge of retouching photos. Knowledge of lighting, composition, color, and design style… will help you make the right and appropriate adjustments for each photo. You can improve your knowledge by enrolling in courses on retouch photos. In addition, you can also learn through free programs on digital platforms: Youtube, Facebook, forums,…

Use specialized software

When retouching photos, you have to spend most of your time working with specialized software. So you need to know how to use this software. Note, that each software has a different way of operation. You should choose a certain software. Then, spend time learning about them for the best effect!

Focus on what your customers want

For technicians, listening to customer needs is an extremely important step when retouching photos. You should keep in mind what the customer wants in terms of composition, lighting, details, perspective, and objects to be removed or added… to create quality photos. You can categorize them from easy to difficult. Then, adjust step by step to make sure not to miss any requests from customers.

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Check out similar photos

A good tip for those who want to edit their own images is to refer to similar photos. You can observe the details, setting the context, and colors, … to apply to your images. Besides, you can also refer to video tutorials on photo editing online and follow along!

Tips to help you make the best photo editing yourself

How is photo retouching different from photo editing?

If photo editing is defined as the post-processing of real estate photos, photo retouching is the next step to make the image more perfect and attractive. When conducting photo editing, the technician will perform simple operations such as adjusting the composition, color, contrast, light, etc. As for the photo retouching process, the technician will perform the following operations. More difficult tasks such as removing unnecessary objects, adding grass, adding large-sized fences, etc. At the same time, photo retouching can meet the individual requirements and wishes of customers.

Therefore, the cost of a photo retouching service will be higher than that of photo editing. Specifically, you need to pay about 2-10 dollars for a photo using a photo retouching service. As for photo editing, the service cost will be somewhat cheaper, only about $0.8 for a photo.

In addition, one of the differences between these 2 editing services comes from the editing time. If the time to edit a photo editing photo only takes about 15 minutes, with photo retouching, that time can be 2, 3 times, or more. Because the customer’s editing requirements in this service are often more rigorous and difficult. Therefore, the detailed implementation of each request will prolong the editing time.

However, the extended time does not mean the product delivery time is delayed. With large units like Elite Photo Editing, the company can complete the entire photo and hand it over to the customer after about 12 hours of receiving the product. Therefore, customers can completely receive retouching photos within the day. If you are still wondering about the company’s services, please immediately refer to the interesting things about Elite Photo Editing in the section below.

The best-outsourced photo editing service today

With more than 10 years of operation and development in the field of real estate photo editing, Elite Photo Editing is one of the leading units currently providing photo retouching services in the market. We have had the opportunity to work with many great partners from many different countries: the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore,… More than 95% of customers who have used the service at EPE have had positive feedback. positive feedback. Most of them have become our loyal customers.

The best-outsourced photo editing service today

Moreover, Elite Photo Editing always listens to all opinions from customers to offer the most optimal editing solution at an extremely favorable price. We own staff of experienced, highly qualified professionals with good aesthetic thinking. It will certainly meet the needs of customers as well as the current tastes in the market. Every photo released is subjected to rigorous quality control. So you don’t need to worry about making adjustments too many times. We will serve our customers with all professionalism, dedication, and prestige.

Whenever you have a need for real estate photo editing in general and retouch photos in particular, please contact Elite Photo Editing hotline Mr. Henry Bui (84)3677 55686 or email: for more details. EPE is available to support its customers 24/7 and all days of the week.

Hopefully, with these shares, you have found the answer to the question “How to retouch photos?”. Don’t forget to visit our website to read the latest news as well as admire the most stunning real estate photos!

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