Today, HDR photos are applied to many different aspects of life. In particular, HDR photo editing tips play an important role in the real estate field. Beautiful, sharp photos will help you get more customers for your project. Let’s learn how to edit HDR real estate photos super simple in the article below!

How to edit HDR real estate photos super simple

What is an HDR photo?

Maybe you don’t know? HDR is also known as a High Dynamic Range. This is the term for the image standard with a wide dynamic range. Images in HDR standard will be displayed most clearly, especially details in highlights and shadows.

HDR photos can be created by adjusting the exposure when shooting at different levels. You don’t need to worry that a photo that is too bright or too dark will lose details, HDR photos will preserve these details in a stable light level, making the photo-realistic and harmonious.

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HDR photo application when taking real estate photos

HDR photos bring many great benefits when it comes to real estate photography. They help to accurately represent the surrounding scenery and create sharpness for every detail. The HDR method is often applied to balance the interior space with the outside landscape.

For example, you take a panoramic shot of the house with the pool, sky, and living room using the HDR technique. The image you get will be presented truly, the details of the living room are still clear without being affected by the light and surroundings. In addition, the HDR method is also commonly used in real estate and interior photography in particular, as well as architectural photography in general.

To learn more about editing HDR real estate photos, check out the steps below!

HDR photo application when taking real estate photos

How to edit HDR real estate photos with PTS is easy to do

Step 1: Open the photo that you need to edit.

Open all the pictures that you want to merge as separate layers in the same file. Click and drag the photos from the folder into Photoshop. You can also open all layers individually in Photoshop and then click ‘Select All’ → ‘Copy’ → ‘Click on base image’ → ‘Paste’.

Step 2: Arrange your files for easy manipulation

You should put the photos with the darkest exposure on top, followed by the brightest ones. Finish it off by leaving your bottom layer exposed.

Step 3: Add Layer Mask to each Layer

To add different details of each layer to the image, you must add a layer mask to them. Go to the bottom of the Layers toolbar and click the Layer Mask button. This helps to create layer masks as white. All layers are visible at this time. To hide them, press Ctrl + I to invert the layer.

To be able to add different parts of each layer to the image, you need to add a layer mask to them first. Go to the bottom of the ‘Layer’ panel and click the Add Layer Mask’ button. This creates the mask, where the layer mask thumbnail will appear as white. This means the entire layer is visible at the moment. At this point, the profile picture will turn black, repeat this for each layer.

Step 4: Brush over the parts of the mask that you want to apply

Start by brushing the parts of the top layer that you want to show with the ‘Eraser tool. Note, that the eraser tool color adjustment is set to black. Black will make the layer appear, while white will make the layer disappear.

You can adjust the brush’s opacity, level, and size using the settings in the top control panel. In addition, you can adjust the overall opacity of the layer mask.

Step 5: Continue this masking effect with each layer

Continue masking until you get the layer for the outside scene (like in a window or door frame). This you will do differently because it has stiffer edges than what a brush can comfortably allow. For the dark layer with an outer view, mask it as you did with the other layers.

Instead of using the ‘Erase’ tool brush directly, you’ll use the ‘Polygonal Lasso Tool’ first. You will need to carefully select the edges of the area you want to expose. Real estate hdr photo editing screenshot with Photoshop

At this time you can brush freely as it will only apply the brush effect to the image in the lasso selected area.

Step 6: Use the white brush to edit

While masking and revealing each layer, you can change the brush color to white to remove the masked layer. For example, if you show too much detail or are off to the side, you can use the white brush button to adjust it until it’s just right.

Step 7: Save your image and get the job done

You should save the layered image as a Photoshop file so you have it as a reference. When you’re happy with the result, merge the layers and save it as a JPEG file. This format will make images globally usable.

How to edit HDR real estate photos with PTS is easy to do

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