“Why does real estate photo editing look fake?” This is a question that many businesses and photographers are interested in. Because they lose the naturalness and authenticity of the photo. So what is real estate photo retouching? Why does real estate photo editing look old? The following article will answer your questions above, please follow all of them.

Real estate photo editing – Photo by Elite Photo Editing

What is real estate photo editing?

Real estate photo editing is the use of specialized editing software to edit layouts, and colors, and create images according to the design of real estate projects. This is one of the important factors to help businesses and companies successfully promote and advise their real estate projects. Because the images are both realistic and eye-catching, they will attract the attention of a large number of customers.

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Why does real estate photo retouching look fake?

Not every designer in the field of real estate photo editing has experience in real estate photo retouching. Because many novice designers and photo editors are still inexperienced, it is easy to create unprofessional products that lead to fake real estate photos. 2 main factors make real estate photo editing look old:

Overuse of photo collage: Although photo collage brings many benefits to customers as well as businesses, the abuse of photo collage will also bring many downsides. Abuse of photo collage will make the photo look fake, and unreal, and lose the naturalness of the photo.

Photo editing is too brilliant: The first look is always the thing that leaves the most impressions on us. Therefore, to attract viewers, real estate photos need to be harmoniously aligned between the scene and the object, avoiding adjusting the tones that are too bright and unrealistic.

Consequences of adding unreasonable objects in real estate photo editing

Adding and removing objects during real estate photo retouching is indispensable. However, adding or subtracting unreasonable will bring many disadvantages to businesses and real estate companies. Because images are the main tool to convince customers to buy or invest in projects. If through the editing process, the image changes too much and is no longer true to reality, it will lose the trust of customers. From there, the business will lose its credibility, and possibly even reduce sales.

How to make your photos the most unique and realistic?

A photo that becomes beautiful and unique depends a lot on editing. That’s why you need to master photography techniques. Some basic photo editing techniques are:

Particle Denoising

Noise, also known as image dust, often appears in low-light photos or taken at a small distance. Areas of the image are often affected like the sky, hair, etc. To de-noise the image, you can use the Healing Brush tool or the Reduce noise feature in the Filter/noise section.

Particle Denoising – Photo by Elite Photo Editing

Brightness adjustment

The picture, if properly adjusted to the brightness, will give clear image quality and harmonious colors. To do this you can use the Level tool (shortcut Ctrl + L).

Color Saturation Adjustment

Depending on the first color of the photo, you can adjust the saturation accordingly. If the image is too dark, you need to reduce the saturation to make the picture harmonious, and if the image has a light color that looks lifeless, you need to increase the saturation to make the picture more vivid and vibrant.


In real estate photo editing, it can be said that sharpness is a necessary and important factor for each photo when delivered to customers. Sharp photos will give viewers an honest look at real estate projects, creating trust as well as enhancing the name of your business and company. Depending on the photo, you need to align it to be sharp, otherwise, the image will be noisy.

Sharpen – Photo by Elite Photo Editing

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Elite Photo Editing is a leading company in the field of real estate photo editing in the world

On the market today, there are many real estate photo retouching companies, but not all of them have good image quality and reasonable photo editing costs. A leading company in the field of real estate photo editing in the world that you should refer to is Elite Photo Editing. Elite Photo Editing is trusted and used by many people because:

Say no to real estate photo editing that looks fake: All Elite Photo Editing’s post-edited real estate images are highly realistic, only adjust the brightness and darkness, and add essential elements such as sky, and interior … to make the picture come alive, clear without looking fake.

Products commensurate with the price: Customers using our photo editing services will not need to worry about the quality of their photos after editing. Because Elite Photo Editing always ensures all products are commensurate with the price. The higher the price of the photo, the smaller the editing area, and the more detailed it is.

Real estate photo retouching- Photo by Elite Photo Editing

Customer care service 24/24: With a team of dedicated and attentive customer care staff, our company always responds to every customer’s Email within 15 minutes.

Above are the answers to the question “Why does real estate photo retouching look fake” hope they can help you. If you still have questions or need to edit real estate photos, you can contact us via hotline for detailed advice. We are pleased to welcome you.

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