Virtual Staging is considered an outstanding technological advancement in Home Staging technology. It is an effective solution for an empty house that still shows up with full furniture to attract much more viewers. This technique allows us to use the furniture and decorations in our diverse library to create exceptionally realistic but virtual staged photos for our clients.

virtual real estate staging service at Elite Photo Editing

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual home staging is when a skillful graphic editor designs a room using virtual decor, creating a highly realistic photo that potential buyers can view online. Designers elevate the room using specialized software called Virtual Staging. This is the process of decorating your home with furniture, art and booklight, and popular styling techniques. It beautifies homes and sells them faster than selling an empty house. You also create a more competitive position in your market with impressive staging photos.

In the past, interior designers would furnish furniture and decorations to style a room. But now, everything is done by using the computer. That requires less money and labor. A high-resolution photo of an empty room is all the graphic designer needs to create the product.

You will be pleased with the photo decorated with furniture in the style you want. However, if you are concerned a potential buyer will visit an empty room instead of a full-furniture house. Don’t worry because whether the realtor is showing the vacant home in person or taking an online tour, they can check out what the property looks like through these virtual staged photos. The visualization is accessible from any smartphone, computer, or other online-capable devices. You can also print and display images for buyers to see at home.

Why do you need virtual staging?

Effective for digital marketing

Over 90% of home buyers start their search online, and up to 97% of those potential buyers rate that image as the most important aspect. Therefore, showing home listings with an attractive visual interface is extremely important to attract and keep the buyers’ interests. We can see that virtual staging is a powerful digital marketing tool that cannot be ignored.

This systems allow you to show individual rooms at their highest potential. Availability marketing puts too much pressure on buyers in shaping a room’s potential. Virtual photos allow buyers to visualize their furniture in the space and demonstrate what is aesthetically achievable. In addition to the added value of professional photos, virtual staging is significantly more cost effective than traditional staging.

Completely replace manual staging (costly, time-consuming, manpower deficit)

Virtual home staging is a much more economical and labor-saving option than traditional home staging. Although furnishing a home with real furniture can provide a significant return on investment for some sellers. Or it may also attract some buyers as they can move in right away without spending a lot of time shopping. However, this is not true for mid-sized or small-sized homes or asking homebuyers to be price-optimized. Some buyers may also not be satisfied with the furniture you have decorated.

So as a solution for just a few hundred dollars, sellers can use virtual to create realistic photos of every room in their home, while showcasing individual spaces at high potential. This helps to avoid costly rentals and maintenance of the property while it is on the market.

Unlimited staging

With the virtual staging service, you will be provided with a large catalog of interior and decoration options that are constantly updated to match the trends and styles that you are looking for. Virtual Staging allows unlimited design elements. With only an album of furniture and decorations, you can freely choose what you want to arrange in the room.

Why do you need virtual real estate staging?

Virtual Staging is possible in any room

You can take pictures of all the rooms you are selling. Fully furnished for every room. Especially when you are living in your house, virtual staging will bring out its full usefulness. Virtual Staging does not completely remove or modify existing design elements in the home. However, things and personal items that negatively affect the picture can be removed. It is also possible that the entire old furniture in the room will be replaced by new furniture with a completely different style. That’s what virtual staging can do for you. You can look at the pictures to see the magic of virtual staging.

  •  Modern or traditional living room
  • The kitchen can also have two different styles just by completely changing the furniture
  • The bedroom will look neater and more organized
  • Bathroom

How much does virtual staging cost?

Virtual staging is pretty cheap, averaging $20 per image. I think this price allows you to control your budget as well as allocate money for other expenses related to the home sale. This unit price depends on the style of the picture (from basic to advanced), the area of ​​the room, the amount of furniture added, etc. 

  • Basic style photo: from $15
  • Standard style photo: from $20
  • Advanced style photo: from $25

Usually, It costs $10 to completely change an interior you aren’t satisfied with after receiving a finished product.

However, there are a lot of service providers that also charge based on quantity. The more pictures you send in and out every day, the cheaper the unit price will be. Or you will receive a discount from the supplier.

Cost of services provided by Elite Photo Editing

Elite Photo Editing – The world’s leading virtual staging service provider

With nearly 10 years of experience in virtual staging, we are proud to be the most prestigious virtual service provider in the world with extremely reasonable prices. Our staff creates virtual objects and takes care of customers 24/7. Customer satisfaction is the driving force for us to create the best works. If you want to learn and use virtual products, please contact Elite Photo Editing to experience the service.

We are happy to bring satisfaction to you as well as your customers.

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