Maybe you don’t know? Real estate photos can be completely staged through photoshop software. Virtual staging photoshop can help you make a simple room staging. However, this method still has many shortcomings and limitations. So, should you choose virtual staging or photoshop for your empty room? Let’s find the answer in the article below!

What is virtual staging photoshop?

Virtual staging photoshop is a form of real estate photo staging using photoshop software. Based on the features that the photoshop tool provides, you can easily add 2D interior images to the image you want. In addition, Photoshop can also help you adjust image parameters, change colors, and add and remove objects, … easily and simply. However, Virtual staging photoshop cannot meet the high requirements of staging as well as the lack of realism and vividness for the photo.

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Should you choose virtual staging or photoshop?

Currently, there are two popular staging methods that are targeted by many businesses: photoshop and virtual staging. So, should you choose virtual staging or photoshop for your empty room? Let’s find out together!

Actual rate

The first criterion of real estate photo staging is to ensure the proportions of the skyline and police perspective to reality. In Photoshop, there is no way to adjust the horizon line. In contrast, virtual staging software can precisely adjust the horizon by recreating the room in 3D. As a result, all the furniture or items you put in will have the right amount of realism and proportions. In this respect, virtual staging is superior to photoshop staging.

Furniture and decorations

To bring furniture and decorations into images with Photoshop, you have to cut the necessary details from the available photos and then paste them into the photo to be edited. This process takes a lot of time and does not guarantee the sharpness of the object. Besides, the interior that you put in may not meet the requirements for realism as well as ensure the best image ratio.

With virtual staging, you can design 3D objects yourself or choose from the available furniture in the software’s library to include in your photos. In this way, the furniture looks very realistic and close to reality. Designers can easily and quickly build to their liking or close to the style desired by the customer.

Should you choose virtual staging or photoshop?


Photoshop is just a commonly used 2D graphics software for editing and color correction. In terms of staging, it only allows the creation of a simple collage from certain images. So, this is not the multifunctional solution that businesses are looking for.

With virtual staging, real estate agents can perform photo staging flexibly. Not only design the interior and exterior details vividly but also produce 3D floor drawings of the whole house. It’s like a real miniature house with all the furniture, lighting, and decorations in it. Therefore, in terms of flexibility, virtual staging proves superior.

Execution time

Staging with Photoshop software takes a lot of time. You have to spend a lot of time and effort to choose the most suitable furniture and decoration. Not to mention object separation, texture adjustments, and shading. In contrast, virtual staging can be done quickly, with only about 60 minutes for each photo to be staged.

In short, Photoshop is not an effective tool for real estate photo editing. Its quality is lower, execution time is longer, and capacity is limited. In the opposite direction, virtual staging gives the correct image ratio, the interior is vivid and full of light. Quick implementation time, high flexibility, saving effort and money. Therefore, so far, the battle between virtual staging and photoshop ends with a victory in favor of virtual staging.

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The value that virtual staging brings to your room

Virtual staging brings great value to your real estate image. They make your empty room come alive and true with full 3D furniture as well as beautiful decorative details. From a monotonous and unattractive room, through virtual staging, you can build the right or desired architectural style to make a strong impression on viewers. As a result, the process of buying and selling real estate as well as leasing will be more convenient with better prices.

The potential of virtual staging for real estate businesses

The value that virtual staging brings to your room


Virtual staging is a method applied by many real estate businesses because of its great benefits. Firstly, virtual staging creates quality images, contributing to enhancing the brand face of the business. Second, virtual staging helps real estate companies easily attract potential customers thanks to beautiful and vivid images. Finally, virtual staging helps businesses save 90% of costs compared to traditional forms. At the same time, businesses also cut a large amount of money for marketing and promoting products.

Where can you use an outsourced virtual staging service for the best price?

If you are in need of outsourced virtual staging services, please contact Elite Photo Editing – the leading virtual staging unit today via Hotline (+84) 3677 55686 (Mr. Henry Bui) or Email admin @ for a free consultation. We will listen to the needs of our customers to offer the best solution at an extremely competitive price. In particular, our staff is always ready to support and answer all your questions 24/7.

Hopefully, with the above information, you have learned more interesting information about virtual staging photoshop as well as found the right staging solution for your business. Don’t forget to visit the Elite Photo Editing website to register for a free trial of the service today!

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