When virtual real estate staging, do you know what factors will directly affect the cost of the photo? If you do not know, you can immediately refer to the following article of Elite Photo Editing!

What does virtual real estate staging bring to your photos?

Virtual real estate staging is considered the process of staging a system of furniture and objects in an empty room. This process is carried out by designers, who possess photoshop skills and good graphic design thinking, which can ensure high realism and aesthetic value following the customer’s tastes.

Currently, virtual staging is a design solution that thoroughly replaces traditional staging methods. With the same style, it only takes about 60 minutes for the designer to perfect the photo thanks to virtual staging. But with the traditional method, the time will be significantly longer.

In addition, you can do virtual staging easily for an in use-room, but it is difficult to stage it with traditional methods. The reason is that photoshop allows you to erase things easily and quickly before you do the virtual staging.  With traditional staging, you’ll need to remove old items to renew your home. And this method is only suitable for unused houses.

Moreover, in terms of flexibility, Virtual real estate staging is superior to other methods. With a huge library of objects, it’s not difficult for you to choose a style for yourself. Therefore, it now has extremely high practical applications for real estate agents and companies.

The arguably biggest advantage of virtual staging is the investment cost. It saves up to 90% compared to traditional staging. The value of each staged photo can lead to more potential customers for your business. When almost every real estate agent is struggling to reach customers, this method is an effective solution to target the right customers, saving costs for marketing campaigns and real estate advertising.

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What kind of staged photo would be considered cheap?

To judge a virtually staged photo as cheap, you need to be based on the following criteria:


The cost of staging each picture will range from 12-50 dollars/picture. It depends on the style and type of furniture you choose. The more detailed a photo, the more luxurious the interior, and the higher its cost.


A good quality virtual real estate staging photo needs to ensure overall harmony, and meet the needs of the client, and the tastes of the buyer. Therefore, designers need to understand the needs of the business as well as customer insight. They can create the perfect virtual staging using their graphic design skills.

What kind of staged photo would be considered cheap?


In recent years, AI has developed several automated virtual staging technologies. Therefore, the elements of creativity and diversity are almost quite limited. Service providers are so focused on reducing virtual staging costs that they forget what their customers need and want.

Therefore, you should choose companies that provide manual real estate virtual staging services like Elite Photo Editing. At that time, designers can listen and respond to customer requirements. They have a good graphic background and mindset and can capture customer insights thanks to their long-term working experience. Surely your photos will bring more value than the cost you have to spend.

Are virtual real estate staging services in vogue?

Are virtual real estate staging services in vogue?

With the changing behavior and trends of customers buying real estate, virtual staging is an integral part of real estate business campaigns. As customers gradually turn to online real estate research before investing, it’s time for brokerage companies to take care of their photos. And virtual staging was born to meet those needs.

Many companies are providing this virtual staging service. Just search for the keyword “Virtual real estate staging” on google search, and there will be dozens of virtual staging service providers for you to choose from.

Units abound but not all of them are good. It is necessary to refer to the details and to look at the units’ websites. Companies involved in the field of graphic design will never let their website become simple and less sophisticated. In addition, for some units like Elite Photo Editing, the company also has a product test service before using the virtual staging service. As a result, customers can check the capacity as well as the quality of the photos, ensuring the authenticity and transparency of the company. For more details, you can contact hotline + (84)3677 55686 for the best 24/7 support!

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The company provides leading virtual real estate staging services today

Proud to be the leading virtual real estate staging service provider today. Elite Photo Editing has more than 10 years of experience in the field of real estate photo editing in general. Currently, the company owns six main services for you to choose from, including:

  • Photo Editing
  • Photo Retouching
  • Virtual Staging
  • Day-to-night conversion
  • 720 panorama
  • Floor plan

With a design staff of nearly 100 people, Elite Photo Editing can handle virtual staging orders in large quantities. The company owns a quality inspection team with an efficient 6-step working process, which makes it easier for customers to manage and monitor product quality. We say no to monotonous and less original staged photos.

For more information about service packages, customers can contact the hotline at + (84)3677 55686 for the fastest quote!


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