Entering the 4.0 era, your customers tend to shop more online. To keep up with this trend, real estate image editing companies offer virtual furniture staging services to the market. This service helps your apartment become more lively and eye-catching. As a result, you can easily rent or sell them to your customers at the best price. Virtual furniture staging services with a library of thousands of objects for you to choose from at Elite Photo Editing is the perfect choice for your business. Let’s explore together!

How can companies providing virtual furniture staging services be able to complete so quickly?

Companies own a team of experienced technicians

Companies that help virtual furniture staging services your business save a lot of time and costs compared to traditional methods. Because they own a team of experienced technicians. They can master the use of image editing software to fill the room with furniture. As a result, each photo staged virtually takes only 60 minutes for the designer to perfect, much faster than traditional staging and some other methods…

In addition, each company will have its library of the available furniture. Customers can choose furniture from this gallery and add it to their photos. If you have a few hundred photos, don’t worry. Elite Photo Edit can assist you in choosing the right objects for the style and space of the room. We own a team of designers with good design thinking, ready to provide customers with the best ideas. Helping customers to complete the house perfectly, ensuring high authenticity to every little detail. And sure enough, all the photos customers receive back will not stop at just a few styles. It is a harmonious combination between the needs of the business and the market of the customer.

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Can a messy room be staged virtual?

An empty room without furniture or a messy room can apply virtual home staging techniques to make them more beautiful. Before performing virtual staging, you can use a photo retouching service to remove redundant or unwanted details in the room. Thanks to that, rooms that are cluttered or have details you don’t like can be completely omitted easily. For example, a room with dirty walls, old ceilings, and degraded floors can still be renewed and replaced… Then, the technician team will conduct virtual staging for the room. by adding items and furniture according to your taste and style easily.

Can customers choose the furniture for their room?

Can customers choose the furniture for their room?

Coming to companies that provide virtual interior staging services, customers will be provided with a sample interior photo library if required. However, these libraries contain a lot of templates in a lot of different styles. With new customers, you will have a hard time choosing the right templates. For example, in many cases, furniture is beautiful, but when placed next to each other, it creates a harmonious whole. Therefore, you need to have certain advice from image editing units.

When working with Elite Photo Editing, our staff will consult customers thoroughly. In the same room, we can change the style flexibly to meet the needs of customers.

Does the choice of furniture in the virtual staging affect the cost of the photo?

The choice of furniture in a virtual staging will directly affect how much it costs to complete a photo. The more luxurious and meticulous you choose the furniture, the higher the cost for the photo will be. However, eye-catching furniture does not always bring the best effect. The most important thing is that the furniture must match the room and the style you desire. Elite Photo Editing always listens to the needs of customers to offer the most optimal solutions at the lowest cost.

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Elite Photo Editing – A leading company in the field of virtual interior staging

This is a leading company in the field of virtual interior staging in the US and many countries around the world. We always operate based on professionalism and quality at extremely affordable costs.

  • Output quality commitment: Elite Photo Editing owns an experienced team and good virtual staging design thinking. We always strictly check the output quality, ensuring to bring you the best images.
  • Effective project management process: All information about the company, contracts, quotes, and working processes are exchanged openly and transparently with our customers. Therefore, the process of collaborating and working is simple, fast, and efficient. Customers can actively track work progress based on the software that Elite Photo Editing provides.
  • Comprehensive customer policy: Elite Photo Editing has a staff that is always available and ready to support and answer different questions of customers 24/7. The policies of warranty, after-sales, and customer care after using the service are always focused by Elite Photo Editing to bring you the best experience.

Does Elite Photo Editing offer any other photo editing services?

Besides the virtual furniture arrangement service on demand, Elite Photo Editing also provides many other services to suit different needs:

Photo Editing

Photo Retouching

Day to Night Conversion

Virtual Staging

Panorama 720

Floor Plan

All the services that we provide have received good feedback from customers. More than 95% of customers are satisfied working with Elite Photo Editing. You can participate in direct supervision of the working stages and also contribute ideas to create the best real estate images.

If you are looking for the best virtual furniture staging service provider today. Please refer to Elite Photo Editing right away with a library of thousands of furniture items for you to choose from. Contact us immediately via Hotline (+84) 3677 55686 (Mr. Henry Bui) or Email: admin @ elitephotoedit.com. Don’t forget to follow the website to receive more interesting information!

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