Currently, besides empty apartments, Customers also send some in-use apartments to brokers for business purposes. To refresh and impress tenants, these agents need to virtualize the apartments. So, what is virtual apartment staging? How does it work for sellers, buyers, and real estate agents? The following article on Elite Photo Editing will give you answers to those questions.

What is virtual apartment staging?

Virtual apartment staging is the process of adding new furniture and decorations to apartments and condominiums to rent or resell. These apartments can be brand new or used. With today’s modern photo editing technology, a messy apartment can be staged virtually by deleting and removing techniques.

Previously, when there were not too many units providing virtual staging services, real estate agents would only have 2 options including traditional staging or keeping the house as it is. This has somewhat limited the marketing of the real estate business. When it comes to photographing apartments, not every apartment has an architecture or living space that will appeal to viewers. At the same time, editing 2D photos does not seem to be enough to ensure the aesthetics and realism of apartment images.

Since the appearance of virtual apartment staging, it has contributed effectively to real estate agents. It meets the needs of customers, and the wishes of the business and saves staging costs. All the limitations of traditional staging are overcome by virtual staging. And to understand more about the real value that this virtual staging technique brings, you can refer to the section below.

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Why do you need to stage a virtual house?

Virtual apartment staging is the leading solution for those who need to rent or resell used apartments. It helps customers feel more impressed with the apartments. Help them visualize the size and architecture of the apartment. Along with the description of the house, customers will hardly spend too much time asking questions about the apartment. They can find the most suitable living space for themselves without too much support from the company.

In addition, based on virtually staged photos, your customers can refer to those designs and create more for their apartments in the future. Buyers will save a lot of design rental costs and still have the most ideal living space.

As for the real estate company, what will you get from virtual staging? This method is a way for you to reach the right audience, saving staging costs up to 90% compared to traditional staging. At the same time, you can use these high-quality staged photos for marketing and business activities. It is very effective thanks to the application of 3D staging technology, providing extremely high quality and aesthetic value.

Which apartments are suitable for virtual staging?

Which apartments are suitable for virtual staging?

There will be no apartment limit for your virtual staging. It can be empty, old, or unused rooms. Combined with decluttering and object removal techniques, virtual apartment staging will allow your room to be filled with new items and furniture. These objects are taken from the gallery created by the designers.

This photo library will be provided to you when you use the services of companies like Elite Photo Editing. It gives customers more choices as they can use a combination of many details for the same room without following a certain concept. As a result, sales channels of brokerage agents and companies such as websites or fan pages will not be boring for buyers.

What types of virtual staging are available for apartments?

If traditional staging has a limitation on the style of staging, virtual staging is not so. This method does not limit the style for you to choose: classic, modern, basic, etc. Professional designers can do it all. They have a good background and design thinking, capable of meeting all customer needs. They might follow a popular trend or create a new look for you.

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Outsourced virtual house staging service

To ensure the diversity of your apartments, you should choose an outsourced virtual apartment staging service. Because even if you are a large real estate agent, hiring designers to work at the company will face many limitations: infrastructure investment costs, salary payments, variety of styles and interior, etc. 

And all those limitations are overcome by companies providing outsourced services. They have labor, experience, expertise, and very low cost. With some units like Elite Photo Editing, it costs as little as $12 for a virtually staged photo. It is much lower than that of the enterprise itself. In addition, we always guarantee the quality of each photo. You can ask the business to rebuild when the pictures are not perfect. The service provider company will always ensure all benefits for you.

The company provides virtual house construction services for you

Elite Photo Editing provides virtual house construction services for you

If you are interested in virtual apartment staging, you can refer to the company that provides outsourced virtual staging services Elite Photo Editing. The company has more than 10 years of operation in this field and real estate photo editing. At Elite Photo Editing there are:

  • A large team of experts and designers, with good backgrounds and professional knowledge
  • The cost of virtual staging matches the quality of the picture
  • We can accommodate a large number of photos up to 8000 photos per day
  • Provide service worldwide
  • Ready to support online 24/7
  • Online contracts and preferential policies for customers

For detailed information about the cost and price of virtual apartment staging services, please contact the hotline Mr. Henry Bui + (84) 3677 55686 or email:!!!


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