Many real estate businesses are interested in Staging real estate services. It brings many great benefits, improves the quality of real estate images as well as creates professionalism and prestige for brokerage agents. If you are looking to apply new technological advances in real estate. Staging real estate in your business? Immediately refer to the information that you should know about the staging area calendar in this article!

The overview of  staging real estate

The overview of  staging real estate

Real estate companies and photographers have long started using different types of staging real estate to enhance the quality of images. In particular, home staging and virtual staging are two commonly used services. In there:

  • Home Staging: seen as the traditional staging method. With this method, professional designers will come up with ideas and find the right furniture for the room. Then, they will directly arrange and change the space with decorative materials, furniture, accessories, and furniture. Finally, the photographer will capture the room and adjust for the best image.
  • Virtual Staging: this is a modern virtual staging technique used by most businesses. Technicians will use CGI (computer-generated images) to decorate and rearrange the interior.

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The difference between traditional staging and virtual staging

Along with the technology’s development, virtual staging has become the preferred method of staging real estate for many businesses. This technique has many advantages over traditional staging methods. Virtual staging takes about 60 minutes for a picture to be staged, whereas traditional staging takes dozens of hours with a lot of human resource input. It helps businesses save time and effort.

In particular, the virtual staging also saves up to 90% of costs compared to traditional methods. The traditional staging process can cost several thousand dollars for transportation, setup, interior costs, etc. In contrast, this method only costs about 20 to 50 dollars per photo to be staged.

Criteria for a perfect virtual staged photo

A perfect virtual staged photo must meet strict standards in terms of technical expertise, image quality, and aesthetics. In general, a good photo must meet the following criteria:

  • Meet the standards and requirements set by the customer
  • Matching the tastes and preferences of real estate buyers
  • Interior layout suitable for space
  • The design style is highly aesthetic and keeps up with the trend
  • Good finishing, meticulous to every little detail
  • Virtual staging costs commensurate with the quality


Choose to be creative in your way or follow the tastes of customers.

Real estate virtual staging can meet all of the customer’s visual needs. Depending on the situation and the purpose of use, the virtual staging technician will consider the appropriate method. For photographers, images need to be edited and staged creatively to serve exhibitions, performances, photo book releases, etc. Through these staged images, people can understand the photographer’s imprint and style.

For businesses or real estate agents, virtual staging images must meet the tastes of the majority of viewers. Because the biggest purpose of virtual staging for businesses is to help them rent or sell real estate quickly and efficiently. Grasping this, technicians will conduct staging according to current popular styles such as minimalism, modernity, and classicism, or according to the customer’s proposal.

Which unit can be both “creative” and “trend-following” in staging real estate?

Currently, finding a unit that can be both the “creative” and “trend-following” in staging real estate is not easy. Elite Photo Editing is proud to be a leading real estate virtualization service provider that can meet all your business requirements. With more than 10 years of operation in this field, we always listen to the wishes of our customers to offer the most optimal solutions at extremely affordable costs.

Elite Photo Editing is proud to be a leading real estate virtualization service

With a team of experienced staff, we will bring you the most excellent images in terms of quality and aesthetics. Elite Photo Editing always updates the latest trends and the most modern techniques in staging real estate to serve customers in the best way. In addition, customers can freely use Elite Photo Editing’s library of thousands of virtual furniture templates to choose the style and details that match their real estate image.

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Where can customers contact Elite Photo Editing?

If you need real estate virtual staging, please contact Elite Photo Editing via hotline Mr. Henry Bui (84)3677 55686 or email: We are always ready to support and answer all your questions 24/7. Besides, you can also visit our website to refer to more real estate photo editing services or sign up for a free trial!

Hopefully, with the above information, you have had an overview of staging real estate as well as found the right virtual staging unit for your business. Elite Photo Editing is always ready to cooperate with customers all over the world. Don’t forget to follow our website for more exciting news!

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