What is real estate virtual staging? Are you wondering about the concept of virtual staging in real estate? With this concept, you can define it according to many different arguments. But they all have a common meaning for a virtual interior staging service according to the style of the room. The following article of Elite Photo Edit will give you an overview of this outsourced real estate virtual staging service.

What is real estate virtual staging?

Virtual staging has long become one of the essential editing techniques in the field of architecture and construction. It is practical and provides the best overview for projects.

Since the appearance of virtual staging, real estate companies have begun to apply for their units. Since then, real estate virtual staging was born. It is defined as the process of adding furniture to a room. This design does not follow a concept or standard. It depends entirely on the client’s wishes and how well it fits into the staging space.

For example, together with a table, it might fit in a living room space but not in a reading space. Or a wall-mounted TV might be suitable only for the dining room, but not the living room.

All these choices come from the designer’s experience. Among the thousands of objects in the library, they will rely on customer opinions and personal experience to select the right furniture. In particular, the style and architecture of the room are probably the two most important factors in the real estate virtual staging process.

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How many styles of virtual real property staging are there?

With this question, Elite Photo Edit can give you some typical styles in virtual staging:

  • Basic style
  • Classic style
  • Modern style
  • The 80s-90s style 
  • Royal style
  • And more
How many styles of virtual real property staging are there?

There will not be a specific number for the real estate virtual staging style. That proves you can choose to combine many different styles. But this combination will make the customer file of real estate companies limited. Because most customers will choose to follow the trend instead of the unique. Therefore, you should consider designing a virtual staging style for each of your real estate projects, ensuring harmony for all elements.

In addition, the choice of virtual staging style will affect the investment cost. A basic room will cost much less than a classic style. That’s because the amount and type of furniture used are different. Designers will spend more time and effort in staging the interior of the classic room.

The difference between real estate virtual staging and media real estate staging

Since virtual staging appeared, it has contributed to solving all the limitations that traditional staging can not do. The development of Photoshop and a series of editing techniques have contributed to the creation of virtual rooms with very high realism. If you glance at them, you will think they are a real room taken with modern cameras. Here are some key differences between real estate virtual staging and traditional staging:

  • Cost: The staging fee for a typical room starts at $12. But with traditional staging, it can be many times more than that.
  • Variety: Of course, virtual staging can create more design styles. With just one computer, you can turn an empty room into a completely new living space, fully furnished and comfortable.
  • Completion time: It only takes about 30 minutes for you to complete a virtually staged photo. But you can spend a whole day perfecting the picture with traditional staging.
  • Quality: With virtual staging, it has a very high level of realism. Every detail: gloss, creating light effects, … are carefully edited by the designer. It is rated better than traditional staging.
  • Difficulty: Style assessment is the first step before proceeding with furniture selection. The lack of experience will make things difficult for you. To create a room, you need to choose every tiny detail from thousands of objects. Therefore, the difficulty of both staging techniques is evaluated equally.

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Purpose of real property virtual staging

A real property virtual staging company’s main goal is to sell houses, villas, apartments, etc for the highest possible price. To do that, companies need to create value for each real estate project by staging interiors for them. At that time, customers can feel the actual value of the house they want to buy. They may be willing to pay a fair amount for the home’s value.

In addition, the virtual staging also helps real estate companies own high-quality photos, serving the process of advertising banner design and real estate marketing. It is possible to display these pictures if it is for an exhibition of paintings and owners are photographers. They will contact companies like Elite Photo Edit to do virtual staging on demand. A succesful photo will support the photographer’s reputation in front of everyone.

Purpose of real estate virtual staging

Real estate virtual estate service company

Elite Photo Editing is one of the leading companies providing virtual staging services for outsourced real estate. With nearly 10 years in real estate photo editing, EPE can understand the needs and trends of customers. As a result, designers can conceptualize and conduct the most suitable virtual staging for each of your rooms.

Currently, Elite Photo Edit’s main customers are real estate companies and photographers. They come from many countries: the USA, Canada, New Zealand, etc. EPE does not limit the scope of activities as customers from any nation may use the company’s services.

With the advantage of a response time of only 10 minutes, you can contact Elite Photo Edit directly via the hotline Mr. Henry Bui +(84)3677 55686 or email admin@elitephotoedit.com for the best support!!!


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