Image is an indispensable thing in the field of real estate. A beautiful real estate photos needs to fully satisfy the elements of layout, lighting, and detail enough for viewers to fully exploit the information and advantages of the product. That is the basic factor that makes a successful real estate transaction or project.

What makes a good real estate image?

Use a wide-angle lens

real estate photos
Wide-angle real estate photography

Taking pictures with a wide lens is the best way to provide an overall view of a real estate project or a real estate product. For example, clients often want to consider the importance of the areas surrounding a project or house. A wide-angle real estate photo can help viewers easily see the entire floor plan, pros and cons of the property. It is also an opportunity for you to introduce the main amenities of the area, giving it a more authentic and attractive feel.

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Emphasize the home’s best features

To highlight the best features of real estate products, the house image needs to meet:

Capture the best, most modern angle of each area with beautiful lighting conditions

The shooting space needs to be the space that the customer wants to see the most (living room, bedroom, kitchen, ..)

The photo should not overlook any area of ​​the house if it wants to attract the attention of viewers

Photos need to capture the entire house from the overall to the details

Avoid bad weather and light

real estate photos
Taken in good light

Lighting is one of the important factors that make real estate images more beautiful, vivid and realistic. The photo should be taken in good weather and good lighting conditions. Specifically:

East facing house: Photo should be taken in the morning.

West facing house: Photo should be taken in the afternoon.

North facing house: Photo should be taken from 10am – 2pm

South facing house: Photo should be taken in the morning or at sunset.

Take advantage of new technology

Today, photo editing applications 4.0 technology bring great features to edit light, color, delete details, … From there, the photo becomes more professional. You can leverage these tools to create real estate images that attract more customers. But it should be noted to avoid excessive abuse, which will make the photo unreal, causing loss of sympathy and trust of customers.

Some notes when taking real estate photos

Some notes when photographing real estate items such as:

Photographing villas and townhouses: It is advisable to take an overview of the durable design outside of real estate products rather than the interior so that customers can visualize the location and terrain of the land.

Apartment photography: Should take pictures of the interior of the room, balcony areas, corridors, stairs, … so that customers can see the convenience advantages of the house.

Shooting the ground: Before taking photos, it is necessary to clean the area clean and tidy to create sympathy for customers

Take a picture of the surrounding: If the property is near a swimming pool, park, flower garden, supermarket, etc., you should take some photos of the surrounding landscape to increase the attractiveness and attraction.

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Some beautiful real estate photos from Elite Photo Editing

Elite Photo Editing Photo
Pictures of the interior of the house
real estate photos
Landscape pictures around the house
real estate photos
The image of the outside design of the villa

Elite Photo Editing – Professional real estate photo editing company

real estate photos
Choose Elite Photo Editing to make real estate images more professional

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