For new real estate broker photographers, how to take beautiful photos, so that they attract customers at first sight is not an easy thing. This article will detail how to take pictures of real estate so that anyone who looks at it will want to buy it right away.

Grasp the whole house

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Need to find out the most outstanding feature of the whole house

The first factor real estate photographers need to grasp when taking pictures is the overall house. Therefore, real estate agents need to take the time to find the most prominent features of the house, thereby creating images that attract customers the most.

Arrange the layout of the house scientifically

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The house needs to be tidy

Before shooting, real estate broker photographers need to make sure that the house is neatly and scientifically arranged, so that the composition of the new photo is really perfect.

Next, you need to sift through to create a list of necessary images of the house and add descriptions to those images.

According to research, customers are quite focused on common areas, toilets, kitchens or storage areas… Therefore, you should not ignore any area of ​​the house that can create attraction.

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Use professional tips and tricks


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Use professional tips and tricks

To create beautiful photos, using professional tips and tricks is an integral part of real estate photographers.

Accordingly, photos taken must be strictly vertical, such as window or door frames needing to appear vertically. Besides, in order to avoid photos taken from a low angle that will not see the whole picture, real estate agents should place the camera at a height so that the composition of the photo is most harmonious.

Also, a professional photo needs proper lighting division, which is why realtors should turn on all the lights in the house and avoid using camera flash.

Don’t overuse special effects

Special effects built into smart devices contribute to perfect photo editing. However, overusing it can cause the photo to be distorted or not true to its true value.

Therefore, professional real estate photographers need to know how to limit the use of effects to achieve the most realistic photos.

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Choose a good time to take pictures

Time to take pictures before sunrise and after sunset

Time to take pictures before sunrise and after sunset

Obviously a well-lit photo will look a lot better than a low-light one. Therefore, real estate broker photography needs to know what time of day is best to shoot.

According to experts, before sunrise and after sunset are the best times to take pictures outside the house. Because at this time the sunlight is still weak and not too bright, it will enhance the beauty of the house.

Archive and annotate images

When storing images, real estate agents need to ensure that the images are easily accessible, and that the high-resolution images are usable for advertising and printing purposes.

Using the cloud system to share images for stakeholders is the smartest way to manage today.

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