Product photo retouching is one of the hot career directions that many young people are interested in today. So, what is product photo retouching? Where can you learn product photo retouching? How do you become a professional designer in this field? Let’s find out in the article below!

What is product photo retouching?

Product photo retouching is a product image editing technique that is applied in many different fields such as fashion, design, furniture, and real estate,… The product image editing process includes main operations such as color correction, background removal/replacement, object removal, and detailing… through specialized editing software. The main purpose is to improve the quality and aesthetics of the image, creating an attraction for customers who want to buy the product.

What is product photo retouching?

Where can you learn product photo retouching?

Currently, product photo retouching is one of the “future” career directions that many young people love. If you want to pursue this career, you can learn product photo retouching through the following ways:

Live training center

For a solid foundation of knowledge, you can take product photo retouching courses at live training centers. You will be familiarized with the knowledge of images such as lighting, composition, perspective, color… At the same time, you will also be equipped with skills in using specialized software. Best of all, these courses are usually taught by highly qualified, professional designers who can guide you in the most detailed and effective way!

Online Courses

Besides face-to-face courses, you can also sign up for 100% online courses. This is a popular form of learning for those who have limited time or want to save money. The advantage of these courses is that students can review each module many times to grasp the knowledge with the most certainty. At the same time, you can be proactive about the time and place when studying.


Thanks to the growth of the internet, you can learn about product photo retouching through videos on the Youtube platform. This method is very convenient and completely free, so it is popular with many people. Note, you should choose high-quality and professional Youtube channels to follow!

Another platform

In addition, you can also learn and hone your knowledge about product photo retouching through other platforms such as websites, forums, photo editing groups on social networks, and photo editing applications… Through these platforms, you can observe, approach, and exchange topics related to product photo retouch to improve your expertise and software use skills.

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Are online product photo retouching courses suitable for beginners?

For beginners, online courses are one of the right options. These courses are usually divided into different levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced. Those who are new to product photo retouching can choose elementary courses to hone their background knowledge and skills in using basic software.

Online courses have advantages such as autonomy in terms of time and place to study, lower costs than face-to-face courses, and the ability to repeat a course many times… However, when learning online, It is necessary to have perseverance and a clear study plan to avoid dropping out of the program halfway or going in the wrong direction.

Are online product photo retouch courses suitable for beginners?

Improve your skills, and expand your editing field with advanced courses

For those technicians who want to improve their skills and expertise, product photo retouch courses are the wise choice for you. In these courses, you will have access to difficult operations such as adding and removing large objects, editing the background after removing details, and building an editing style that suits the image,… During this time, you will have the opportunity to learn about many different areas of editing and create image products that suit the tastes of today’s viewers.

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Application of photo retouching in real estate

Today, photo retouching is widely applied in the real estate field. This technique creates beautiful and impressive images of apartments and houses, easily attracting viewers, especially potential customers of the business. Instead of cluttered photos with many details, real estate images after editing will be enhanced in quality and aesthetics, meeting the preferences and tastes of home buyers. Promote the process of buying and selling real estate more smoothly and business activities of the company more developed.

Besides, the edited real estate images are used for many different purposes such as producing media publications, building websites, designing brochures introducing new projects, and participating in advertising campaigns. Advertising, marketing, etc. With only a very small cost for photo retouching, you have received great value in return, contributing to building the “face” of the business brand and building trust for customers.

Application of photo retouching in real estate

So, you have just gone through some interesting information about Product photo retouching. Hopefully, with the above sharing, you can become a professional designer in the near future. If businesses are looking for an outsourced unit providing product image editing services for real estate, please contact Elite Photo Editing immediately at Email: or hotline Mr. Henry Bui +(84)3677 55686 for the earliest support. Don’t forget to visit our official website to sign up for a free trial and stay up to date with more exciting news!

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