Photoscape X is known as one of the professional image editing software used by many people today. This application also has many new features, ensuring the best user experience. In the article below, we will provide information on the topic of how to remove objects with Photoscape X for everyone’s reference.

Using Photoscape X Remove Objects
Photoscape X is known as one of the specialized software used for professional image editing

PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X is an “all-in-one” photo editing application, understood as all in one released by Mooii Tech. This is a multi-photo editing software favored by many photo editing units because of its useful features such as editing individual photos, editing multiple photos at the same time, removing objects with PhotoScape X, film effects/light trails/ stickers / textures / frames / borders,… This application supports users on both macOS and Windows platforms, so it is extremely convenient.

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Advantages of Photoscape X

Here are some specific features of the Photoscape X application:

• Directly edit images: you can rotate (rotate), resize (crop), blur, expand dynamic range (HDR) as well as perform effects processing, equalization. white, restore dots, create curves, handle red-eye phenomenon,…

• Collage feature: you can mount multiple photos vertically or horizontally to create a complete photo.

• Feature to remove objects from photos: you can completely remove image objects from the picture frame with just a few simple steps, leaving no blur.

• Batch feature: perform multiple photo editing at the same time.

• Viewer feature: you can browse photos in many modes such as full screen mode, small screen mode. At the same time, you can also rename multiple photos at once and change their format without affecting the image quality. Besides, users also have the ability to share photos through other applications freely such as Email, Facebook, …

• Print feature: edited photos can be printed directly (if connected to a supported device).

• Language support feature: Languages ​​supported in this application include English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Korean, so users can feel completely comfortable. option.


Using Photoscape X Remove Objects
What are the preeminent features of Photoscape X?

Instructions on how to remove objects from photos with Photoscape X

Here are the step-by-step instructions that can help you remove objects with Photoscape X quickly:

  • Step 1– Download and install application.
  • Step 2– Get familiar with the app’s interface and toolbar.
  • Step 3– Open Editor on the toolbar and click on the image need to repair.
  • Step 4– Open the Tool and select Mole removal. You continue to hover the mouse over a specific area in the photo that you hide that object, such as a pimple on the face. Hold left mouse button, move down and release. Repeat the process until the object disappears completely,
  • Step 5 – Click Save to save changes, continue to return to the main interface to edit photos or export files.

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Is it more effective to remove objects with Photoscape X than Photoshop?

This is also a question many people ask when they remove objects from photos. In fact, the efficiency when using this application is only relative, handling small objects in general. photo. As for large objects, affecting the overall composition of the photo, you should still choose more professional Photoshop programs.

Using Photoscape X Remove Objects
Is it more efficient to remove objects with Photoscape X than Photoshop?

Professional photo editing unit

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