The quality of the photos is extremely important when it comes to introducing an apartment or project to customers. With the development of technology, smartphones can also create quality photos. Let’s discover how to take real estate photos with your phone in the article below!

What is taking real estate photos with a phone?

Taking real estate photos with a phone is the process of recording real estate images such as houses, apartments, projects, etc with your mobile devices. It is quick and time-saving compared to other methods. You just need to equip a smartphone with a photography feature to be able to produce beautiful and impressive real estate photos.
Taking real estate photos with a phone
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Tips on how to take the best real estate photos with your phone

The number of features available on smartphones for photography is increasing. The mobile phone industry has improved the photo features to attract customers:
  • Stage responsibly: Mode to help balance the shooting angle, creating harmony for the photo. Redundant and unattractive details are processed before shooting. The context and space are arranged in an attractive way to make the photo look its best.
  • Bring helpful accessories: You can bring accessories that support photography such as tripods, anti-vibration handles, fixed phone cases, and automatic shooting aids to create favorable conditions for the best real estate photos.
  • Find your lighting: Lighting is essential for a good photo. When taking real estate photos with a phone, you should choose prime-time with natural light and good shooting angles. If you take pictures in low light, you can use the flash.
  • Stay horizontal: You should use landscape mode instead of portrait mode. Rotating the camera horizontally and taking the entire scene will help make the photo more soulful.
  • Use wide-angle shots: Today’s mobile devices have wide-angle photography modes. You can use this mode to take panoramic photos of the living room, garden, etc., while still ensuring its sharpness.
  • Create some depth: Try to take pictures in a large space or background. For example: When you take a photo of a multi-storey house, you can shoot the angle from the upper floor to the lower floor to give the image depth.
  • Mind the mirrors: When shooting in a space with mirrors, remember not to let yourself reflect through the mirrors. Be observant and avoid direct angles. 
  • Perfect your photos on the go: After shooting, you should upload your photos to image editing software like VSCO or Snapseed.

Choosing the best phone for real estate photography

The smartphone market with its many advanced shooting modes is bustling. Here are a few phones with good shooting angles and various modes you can refer to:
  • iPhone 12 Series: This is the phone with the best camera available today. The machine has a resolution of 12MP with ultra-wide, panoramic, night shooting, and automatic anti-shake modes. The A14 Bionic chip provides lightning-fast processing. The Super Retina XDR display displays sharp, vibrant images of any size.
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G: This phone has a trio of rear cameras including a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera, a 12MP wide-angle camera, and a 64MP telephoto camera. You can take photos from a distance via the AI ​​Zoom mode or take photos in low light conditions. This device is also equipped with a sharp 6.7-inch FHD + Dynamic AMOLED screen, displaying realistic images.
  • Motorola One 5G UW: This device has up to a 48MP rear camera with an ultra-wide lens and modern depth sensor. This phone with a powerful processor helps you to edit images easily and quickly. Moreover, it has a high working speed and ultra-sharp image capture.
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Is a phone the best real estate photography device?

Is a phone the best real estate photography device?
Your phone is a great way to take real estate photos quickly and conveniently. However, the quality of photos is not high as photos taken from phones can not give good quality as professional cameras. Therefore, you can consider using specialized cameras to take the best photos. In addition, you should use real estate photo editing services to optimize images, making them sharper, more harmonious, and more impressive to viewers’ eyes.

The company provides real estate photo editing services at good price

Elite Photo Editing is the company that provides the best real estate photo editing services today. After receiving requests from many customers, the experienced staff at Elite Photo Editing will consult and deploy the best image editing solutions for customers at extremely competitive prices. With us, you can be assured of quality and price.
how to take real estate photos with phone
The company provides real estate photo editing services at good price
Elite Photo Editing has 10 years of experience in the real estate photo editing market. We have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients from 20 worldwide. With many years of experience, We will provide you with the best, most beautiful, and highest quality real estate photos. Partnering with Elite Photo Editing, you’ll be working through a transparent 9-step process. Customers will be provided with a modern co-working system so that you can monitor the implementation process and product progress. Elite Photo Editing also has many preferential policies, warranty policies, and customer care exclusively for you. More than 95% of customers give positive feedback about our service.

Elite Photo Editing contact information

If you are looking for a reputable and quality real estate photo editing unit, Elite Photo Editing can help you. Contact us directly via hotline + (84) 3677 55686 or visit our website for a free consultation! Elite Photo Editing has enthusiastic, attentive staff who are always ready to receive and answer your questions 24/7. Whenever you need, contact Elite Photo Editing. Invest in better real estate photos, don’t let poor quality photos hold you back. So, you have just reviewed how to take real estate photos with your phone that looks both beautiful and impressive. Hopefully, by following the advice in this article, you should improve your photography skills and produce many eye-catching pictures. Don’t forget to follow the website for more interesting news!

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