It can be said that Lightroom is a familiar name for those who specialize in graphic design or work in the field of photo editing. Images edited with this software produce good quality with many modern utilities to meet the editing needs of users. But few people know how to edit real estate photos in lightroom quickly and easily. So, the following article will tell you a few tips and effective Plug-ins when editing real estate photos with Lightroom. Follow this article to the end to know the ansfrealwer.

How to edit real estate photos in lightroom?

Is it possible to use Lightroom to edit real estate photos?

Can I use Lightroom to edit real estate photos” is a question that many people are interested in? The answer is definitely yes. Lightroom is considered a fairly popular photo editing software chosen by many designers to edit real estate photos. The software possesses many outstanding features that few photo editing software has such as cropping, and removing unnecessary objects naturally. Lightroom has very realistic and vivid photo editing effects that please viewers. All images after editing are very clear and not blurred.

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Some tips to know when learning how to edit real estate photos in Lightroom

When learning how to edit real estate photos in lightroom, you need to know some of the following tips so that the image after editing is beautiful, vivid, and sharp to attract all eyes….

  • Moderate and natural photo editing: To have a good photo, you first need to clearly identify the subject of the photo to align the brightness and color tone accordingly to ensure the most natural elements possible. body. However, when editing you should not be too abusive, harmonious editing attracts more customers: Contrast, saturation, and brightness but only drag to a moderate level.
  • Use Auto-Sync to edit many similar photos at the same time: In the same real estate project, the image files after editing must be in sync with each other in color to create unity. To do this, you can use Auto-Sync on the Lightroom toolbar to automatically synchronize previous actions to apply to future photos.
  • Use Lightroom Presets to start editing quickly: The number of real estate photos every time business or photographer needs to edit is very large. So, to save time, you can apply Lightroom Presets to the editing process. This utility helps you save the entire process of adjusting parameters such as Color, light, and saturation … in the image to apply to the following photos.
  • Use plug-ins to design easier: Lightroom has packed a lot of convenient features for design. So you can freely use plug-ins to design quality, sophisticated real estate photos. Using built-in plug-ins also helps you work quickly, for more optimal editing performance.
Some tips to know when learning how to edit real estate photos with Lightroom how to edit real estate photos in lightroom

Check the image before exporting: After completing the image editing steps, you should check the color and quality of the image before exporting to ensure that the image is not blurred, or clear, with the correct color adjusted.

Effective Plug-ins when editing real estate photos with Lightroom

Besides the above how to edit real estate photos in lightroom, today we also bring you some effective Plug-ins when editing real estate photos with Lightroom. that not everyone knows. Those Plug-ins are.

  • LR Backup: LR Backup, is a tool used to save the actions in your photo editing process. This tool allows you to back up Lightroom’s catalogs without leaving the program. Especially these backups are less in size than the original file size (compressed down to about 10%)
  • The Fader: The Fader is like a slide that helps control all the other tools in Lightroom. That is when you move the slider, all the utilities such as brightness, saturation, warmth … previously adjusted will be increased or decreased at the same time. The biggest advantage of this Plug-in is saving time for re-editing photos.
  • Photomatix Pro: This is a Plug-in that allows users to integrate existing photos in Lightroom. The image is then exported to Photomatix Pro for HDR processing. Finally re-import and export to Lightroom’s library.
  • Sleeklens: When learning how to edit real estate photos in lightroom, Sleeklens is an important support tool you need to know. This utility helps to enhance the beauty of interior and exterior designs when editing real estate photos. However, this Plug-in has to pay a fee when you want to download it.
  • VSCO Films: VSCO film is also a beautiful Real Estate Photo Editing Plug-in, with many effects and editing tools like Lightroom. This plug-in produces a clear post-edited product with many unique image colors. But like Sleeklens, VSCO also costs money to download.
  • Focus Mask: Focus Mask is a Plugin that highlights parts of an image that are already in focus the same way a focus mask focuses on a camera when you take a photo. This helps you choose the best photo between two or more similar photos.
Effective Plug-ins when editing real estate photos with Lightroom

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Edit real estate photos more professionally with services from Elite Photo Edit

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