Virtual staging is one of the most popular housing design solutions today. It is widely used in empty rooms and houses in use. With the main purpose of creating new and adding furniture to the whole living space, virtual staging has contributed significantly to improving the efficiency of the real estate business for businesses. So, How to do virtual staging? The following article on Elite Photo Edit will guide you on how to create the most perfect virtual staged photo.

How to do virtual staging?

Virtual staging doesn’t just stop at adding furniture to an empty room. To add them, you need to choose furniture and objects that match the staging space. This process requires practitioners to understand the product they have and the expertise involved in virtual real estate staging. You cannot add a classic sofa to a modern room, it will create discomfort for the person looking at the photo.

So, How to do virtual staging? To do this, you need to ensure the following 4 criteria:

Understand the needs of the business

Before any virtual staging project, the first thing you need to consider is the needs of the customer. Those are real estate businesses or famous photographers in this field. And of course, each customer’s requirements will be different. They will have detailed requirements for each photo.

Therefore, you need to know the industry terminology, which may appear in the notes of the virtual staging project. Understanding the needs of your customers will help create credibility for your company. At the same time, it will help minimize the need to edit photos many times during the product quality check stage.

Understand the needs of the business

Understanding customer insights

In addition to understanding business needs, you need to understand customer insights. It is understood as customers of real estate companies. They will be the end users of the product. Therefore, accurately capturing customer insights is the premise for you to create the most perfect photos. From there, real estate business activities will become much more efficient and simpler.

Have a graphic design mindset

Graphic design thinking is an important condition you need to have before you start virtual real estate staging. With an interior library of up to thousands of objects, you need to choose the details that suit business needs, customer insight, and staging space. Size, color, and texture, … all need to be accurately determined, ensuring feng shui and harmony for the whole space.

Knowledge of the real estate industry

Knowing the real estate sector will make it easier for you to understand and reach your guests. You will understand what your customers want and need. For example, when a client gives you any room, they need you to design a complete photo. At this time, in addition to aesthetic thinking, feng shui elements, and building architecture, … are factors you need to pay attention to. If you have them all, you’ll do well on all the virtual staging shots. Your credibility and professionalism will certainly be affirmed.

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Who is real estate virtual staging suitable for?

Real estate virtual staging was born to serve all customers with new design needs for their homes. However, at present, there are very few units providing services for retail customers. Part of that is due to the management and service costs being quite expensive. Therefore, to facilitate both the sale and virtual staging of the house, customers will actively contact brokers and photographers.

Usually, the number of photos needed to be staged by these units is quite large. Then, the cost of virtual staging will be significantly reduced. Companies providing real estate photo editing services always have preferential policies for customers who use their services for a long time, including Elite Photo Edit. The company’s client base is mainly real estate companies and photographers. Therefore, building a reasonable preferential policy will help the company create long-term and good cooperation relationships with customers.

Real estate virtual staging process you can refer to

Elite Photo Edit’s virtual staging process will be done in the following 9 steps:

Step 1: Contact us

Step 2: Send samples

Step 3: Free test

Step 4: Confirm style

Step 5: Agree to pay biweekly

Step 6: Training how to use the system

Step 7: Setup your free account

Step 8: Confirm all agreements

Step 9: Start sending your jobs

Is virtual real estate staging difficult?

During the virtual staging process, arguably the most difficult phase for any real estate photo editing service company is to conceptualize and style the upcoming project. It needs to meet all the needs of the customer and the market of the audience. You won’t be able to sell a home if it doesn’t look appealing to buyers.

Therefore, capturing customer insights is extremely important. It is a premise for real estate companies to feel confident when using the services of their business. Companies that provide real estate photo editing services want to survive for a long time in the market, most of all, they need to grasp the consumption trends of the target customer file.

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Elite Photo Editing – a company providing virtual real estate staging services

As a real estate business, is what you need a good quality virtual staging service provider at a reasonable cost? If so, Elite Photo Edit will be a good suggestion for you.

Elite Photo Editing – a company is committed to providing reputable services

Our company always takes quality as the top criterion when working. The photos that are staged at the company are always of the best quality at a very reasonable cost. You will never get a bad photo because Elite Photo Editing has integrated software for work and joint management between businesses and partners.

Therefore, you can control the progress and quality of your images at any time. The company’s customer care team is always available 24/7, ready to support and advise customers through the hotline Mr. Henry Bui (84)3677 55686 or email

Please visit the website for more interesting information about Elite Photo Editing!

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