Are you looking for the answer to the question: “how much does virtual staging cost”? If you are a retail customer, then the cost of virtual staging will not be too important. But if you’re an agency and photographer, saving $1 on a photo can also save you thousands of dollars. So, which company offers the best virtual staging service today?

Is virtual staging really important?

What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is a technique that adds virtual furniture and objects to your room.  It could be an empty room or one that is being used. That means you can virtualize your existing home. Therefore, virtual staging is now widely applied in real estate. It has contributed to improving the image quality of rooms before being sold on online sales channels.

Who needs the Virtual staging service?

Nowadays, real estate companies and photographers are the two major users of this virtual staging service. It is an effective way to create virtual effects. With brokers, they are in dire need of high-quality photographs in a variety of styles. As for photographers, what they need is a perfect photo down to every little detail. It will help them stand out in the annual real estate exhibitions.

Is virtual staging really important?

The value of Virtual staging for real estate projects?

First and foremost, virtual staging has the benefit of improving aesthetics. That’s right, from an ugly photo with unattractive colors, virtual staging will help you make them much more eye-catching. All objects will be arranged to ensure science and feng shui. Help customers have the best sense of the house they will live in in the future.

The second value that virtual staging offers is diversity. There will be no limit to the style and type of objects you can choose for your room. This will help the dealer’s sales channels become much richer and more attractive. At the same time, the choice of style is a way for businesses to set prices for real estate projects. A luxury apartment will not be able to choose simple details and vice versa.

The third value that virtual staging can offer is flexibility. You can use these photos for many different purposes: selling, making banner ads, participating in exhibitions, etc. With the investment and meticulousness in every little detail, you can be assured of the quality of each photo. They are outstanding and different under the skillful hands of professional designers.

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How much does virtual staging cost?

Given the value that virtual staging brings, is it a high-priced service? Currently, the price on the market has different differences between outsourcing units. The lowest price on the market is said to be $10. At this price, they are suitable for ordinary apartments, decorated with essential items including a table, chair, TV, etc.

In addition, with luxury villas and apartments, the cost of virtual staging services can range from a few tens to several hundred dollars for a photo. This difference comes from the wishes of the customer. All virtual objects are selected from real-life versions with extremely high sophistication and solemnity. This will help real estate buyers feel the real value of real estate projects. Then, it will make it easier for them to make a choice.

For information on service costs, please contact the hotline Mr. Henry Bui (84)3677 55686 for the best support!

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What does the virtual staging service at Elite Photo Editing include?

In general, with the virtual staging service of Elite Photo Editing or any other unit, the following factors are said to be the most basic details needed when staging a virtual scene:

  • Add items to an empty room
  • Furniture replacement (removing items and adding furniture)
  • Change floor
  • Change the ceiling
  • Change wall color
  • Changing landscape, sky
  • Change day and night
  • Improve image quality

With empty rooms fully calibrated to specifications, you can start virtual staging them. But what about messy rooms? What do you need to prepare before virtual staging?

In fact, with the rooms in use, the designers will proceed to delete all the objects in the room. After that, they will start calibrating the image statistics and virtual staging. This process is a combination of 3 services photo editing, photo retouching, and virtual staging. Then, the cost you need to pay will be different. Please contact one of the following two channels for details on Elite Photo Editing’s services:

  • Hotline: Mr. Henry Bui (84)3677 55686
  • Email:
How much does virtual staging cost?

How does virtual staging work?

Here are the 6 steps of Elite Photo Editing:

  • Step 1: Contact us and send a sample
  • Step 2: Free test
  • Step 3: Confirm style
  • Step 4: Agree to pay biweekly
  • Step 5: Confirm all agreements
  • Step 6: Start sending your jobs

The special feature of Elite Photo Editing is in Step 2 “Free test”. This step allows the unit to confirm the quality and ability to work with customers. You can send any photo to Elite Photo Editing and ask us for virtual staging. They are completely free and what you get in return will help you decide whether to use the company’s services or not.

The company that provides the best virtual staging service in 2022

Hopefully, the article will help you to answer the question “how much does virtual staging cost”. With prices starting at as little as $10, you should invest in your real estate photos. It will help your business sell real estate at the best price. Also, don’t forget to visit Elite Photo Editing website to experience many other exciting things!


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