Have you heard a lot about Home Staging but don’t understand what this service is and how much it costs to get it? This is a service that attracts many Vietnamese customers, helping you save time in selling your home. The following article will help you answer the above question and introduce the outstanding features and advantages of this service in real estate.

Home Staging virtual home staging service

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What is House Staging?

In the Vietnamese sense, Home Staging is virtual home staging. This is a term used in the real estate business.

That is, a service that uses graphics software to add furniture and other decorations to a room. Thereby contributing to making the house cozy and lively with the aim of selling faster with the best price.

Decorating your home before listing is the best way to market your home. This is considered a proven strategy of selling homes faster and making more money. High-quality house staging will appeal to buyers, as it helps them visualize your home as their own.

The founder of this service, Megan Morris of the United States, has two decades of experience arranging homes for sale. Currently, house staging services have spread to Europe and Asia with great results.

Outstanding features of Home Staging

Home staging services deliver a great result when it comes to sales. Because when potential buyers come to view a home decorated by professional staging experts, it helps the buyer understand their dream in that home and the buyer will spend money to own it house.

home -staging
House Staging has many features

Advantages of House Staging in real estate

House Staging’s biggest advantage in the real estate industry is helping homes attract the highest number of potential buyers. As a result, you can sell your property faster and make more money.

How much does Home Staging cost?

Nowadays most people wonder how much virtual house staging companies charge. There are actually many different fees that companies will charge.

In the US, there are one-time consultation fees. You can expect to pay around $150 to $600 for about 2 hours with expert staging.

Next, you will have to pay to have your house declared and cleaned, which will cost you $800. If it’s an empty house, then this of course won’t apply.

Bettors will then rent out individual rooms for around $400 to $700 per month, per room in stages. Subsequent months will typically incur a rental fee of $500 to $600 per month.

For example, if you choose to decorate the bedroom, living room and kitchen in your house, then the cost for a 3-bedroom house will be at least $2,500 per month.

In Vietnam, if you want to know how much Home Staging costs, you should contact this service provider to ask a consultant to charge an hourly fee or have a fixed rate for added services.

Cost of Home Staging

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Where can I use House Staging service, professionally?

Elite Photo Edit is a unit specializing in house staging for sale. Your home will be decorated according to feng shui. In addition, Elite Photo Editing will help customers decorate the house with a clean, airy space, and the best quality furniture. In particular, your home after decoration will be sold the fastest with the best price.

Above is information about what Home Staging is and how much it costs to get it. Elite Photo Edit is a professional and reputable unit in staging services. If you have any problems that need advice and support, please contact us via website elitephotoedit.com 

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