Home staging vs virtual staging is two popular concepts in the real estate photo editing field. Depending on the purpose and needs, you can apply these two methods to optimize the empty rooms. So what is the basic difference between Home staging vs virtual staging? Which service is right for your business? Let’s find the answer in the article below!

Overview of home staging vs virtual staging

Currently, businesses, companies, and real estate photographers often use one of the following two services to stage real estate photos:

  • Home Staging: This is the traditional home staging method. Professional home builders will come up with ideas and find the right furniture for the room. Then, they will directly arrange and change the space with decorative materials, furniture, accessories, and furniture. Finally, the photographer will take a picture of the room and make adjustments to the image parameters to make it clear and beautiful…
  • Virtual Staging: This is a modern virtual staging technique used by many businesses today. Technicians will use CGI (computer-generated images) to decorate and rearrange the interior of the room. This helps viewers easily visualize the space and potential of the property.

Difference between home staging vs virtual staging

  • Cost: Home Staging has a fairly high cost, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. In contrast, Virtual Staging has a fairly reasonable cost, about a few tens of dollars for a picture.
  • Flexibility: Because of the specificity of having to stage and the design director at the apartment, Home Staging can hardly change the details of the product image. With Virtual Staging, you can easily change the room with many different styles and pieces of furniture. The versatility of Virtual Staging is far superior to that of Home Staging.
  • Aesthetics: Home staging vs virtual staging both meet aesthetic standards. Home staging produces realistic photos because it is realistically staged. Virtual Staging can transform your room or apartment to your liking. Can produce photos close to the needs of customers.
  • Implementation time: To make Home Staging, you have to spend a lot of time brainstorming ideas, finding the right furniture, setting up, taking photos, and post-production. All these steps will be done quickly thanks to computer technology if you use Virtual Staging. Virtual Staging saves time and labor.
  • Quality: Home staging vs virtual staging can both deliver quality and sharp photos. However, virtual staging is more popular because this technique can meet strict quality requirements at a lower cost.

Each method has its own merits and benefits for your business. However, to save cost, time, and effort, you should consider using the Virtual Staging method.

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Is virtual staging in vogue nowadays?

Is virtual staging in vogue nowadays?

Today, virtual staging plays an important role in many areas of life. In particular, this technique is trusted by many photographers and real estate agents. They turn empty rooms into dramatic, ordinary photos that become attractive. As a result, your business can easily sell or rent properties at the best prices.

Virtual staging helps businesses save great costs compared to traditional home staging. The final image is still of good quality and can be used for many different purposes. In addition, virtual staging helps change the style of your apartment and house quickly. With this flexibility, they can meet the tastes and needs of real estate buyers…

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Today’s leading virtual staging service provider

With more than 10 years of operation in the field of real estate image editing, Elite Photo Editing has had the opportunity to work with great partners from the US, Australia, Canada, Newzealand, .. managers, businesses, large real estate agencies, and famous photographers. Therefore, if you are a large business, requiring a quick time to complete the photo, do not worry too much. Elite Photo Edit helps you do just that. With the editing power of up to 8000 photos a day, we can meet all of our customer’s service needs in a short time.

In addition, Elite Photo Edit always takes product quality as the core value for development. Bringing customers the best, sharpest, and most impressive photos. With an abundant staff, Elite Photo Editing can fulfill large orders with high-quality standards.

Today’s leading virtual staging service provider

When using virtual staging services, we will provide customers with an extremely rich library of virtual furniture. This library has thousands of different templates with many designs and styles for you to choose from. You can optionally choose these interior models for your image according to your preferences. In addition, the staff of Elite Photo Editing will advise you on the best solutions to make the picture the best while still ensuring a reasonable cost.

Contact information for Elite Photo Editing

If you are looking for a reputable and professional real estate virtual staging service provider, Elite Photo Editing is the best choice for you. Customers can contact us via Hotline (+84) 3677 55686 (Mr. Henry Bui). Or visit https://www.elitephotoedit.com to sign up for a free trial today. Elite Photo Editing has an enthusiastic staff, always ready to support and answer all your questions 24/7.

Hopefully, with these shares, you have an overview of home staging and virtual staging. Don’t forget to follow our website for more interesting information!

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