Home staging virtual is a method of digital photo editing favored by many real estate businesses. This technique has been widely applied over the years and has brought many benefits to businesses. However, more and more new forms of real estate photo editing were born, making it difficult for businesses to choose the right service for their current needs. So, is virtual home staging still a trend in 2022? Should businesses continue to use the home staging virtual approach? Find out in the article below!

What is home staging virtual?

Home virtual staging is a computer-aided design and staging process. Specifically, designers use specialized graphic software to create the interior. These virtual interiors then add room, house, or space to the photo.

This technique has been there for a long time and is widely used in the real estate area. Thanks to home staging virtual, customers can visualize all the details inside their homes most vividly and truly.

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Benefits of virtual house staging for real estate business

Virtual home staging brings great benefits to real estate agents and businesses. This technique creates vivid apartment photos fully furnished, helping businesses attract many potential customers. Instead of the usual boring empty rooms, your clients can now fully visualize the entire space thanks to virtual staging. As a result, customers can quickly make investment decisions in their real estate projects, shortening the buying and selling process.

There are many different uses for virtual home staging images. You can use them to build product marketing campaigns, design brochures to introduce projects to customers, etc. Virtual staging will help your business save a huge amount of marketing money while still give a good effect.

The development of house staging virtual over the years

In the past, when technology had not yet developed, real estate businesses that wanted to improve image quality had to use traditional forms of home staging. Usually, technicians will come up with an overall idea, prepare suitable furniture and install them directly into the apartment. Only then did they proceed to take pictures. The traditional staging process takes much time, effort, and money.

The development of house staging virtual over the years

Later, when technology made great strides, the virtual staging was born to overcome the weaknesses of traditional methods. Virtual staging is less time-consuming. It only takes about 60 minutes on average to make a photo. This technique also saves labor and money.

If traditional methods are difficult to change the image result, virtual staging can do it easily. Virtual staging allows you to repair, refresh, and replace images instantly if you are not satisfied with the detail. This is the biggest advantage of this modern method.

Is virtual house staging still a trend in 2022?

Maybe you don’t know? Virtual staging is still the leading method chosen by many real estate businesses. With the above advantages, staging is the trend of 2022 because the cost is suitable and meets customers’ needs. However, looking to the near future, users prefer watching short and panoramic videos rather than staged photos. Therefore, virtual staging may fall short of the 720 panorama service.

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How much does virtual staging cost?

Currently, the fee you pay for a photo that needs to be staged virtual falls costs from $20 to $50. On average, there will be about 4 to 5 photos per order. This is a common price applied by virtual staging companies. Depending on the requirements as well as the difficulty you want, the price may change. However, virtual staging cuts costs by up to 90% compared to traditional methods.

At Elite Photo Edit, we are providing home staging virtual service at the best price in the market. You only pay $15 per image that needs virtual staging. We will help you show your clients the potential and beauty of the property you need to edit. Check it out right here!

How much does virtual staging cost?

Elite Photo Edit with today’s top service quality

Talking about quality, Elite Photo Editing is proud to be the best home staging virtual service provider today. We have been operating in this field for more than 10 years with staff and experts of up to 80 people. Staff at Elite Photo Editing have rich experience, high professional qualifications, and proficient use of Virtual Staging software tools. We surely will bring to customers pictures of perfect quality and beauty.

In addition, when partnering with Elite Photo Editing, you will experience a professional 9-step workflow. All quotes, contracts, and job details are presented to the customer before starting. Our modern co-working system allows customers to monitor and comment on products throughout the process. Elite Photo Editing can work 100% online, helping customers save time and costs.

Hopefully,  these shares will help you turn boring pictures into impressive ones with home virtual staging in the future. If you do not know where to use the home virtual staging service? Contact Elite Photo Edit immediately via hotline + (84)3677 55686 or register for a free trial at https://www.elitephotoedit.com/.


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