You may not know, that real estate virtualization service is divided into many different levels. Which, the high end is the highest level in this field. Each high-end photo, they are fully staged with high-end interior systems, showing the actual style and value of the house. So, the cost of high-end virtual staging will be quite high, the cost can be up to several hundred dollars.

Follow the article below of Elite Photo Editing to understand the details of how to determine the cost of high-end virtual staging!

What is high-end virtual staging?

high-end virtual staging is the highest quality virtual staging service for your photos. With high-class rooms, this service is essential. Because then the entire interior system and decorative objects in the room are selected according to the design style standards. All of them are precisely detailed with real-life versions, helping to bring realism and aesthetics to the room.

At the same time, the use of high-end virtual staging also helps home buyers feel the actual value of that apartment. It is the premise that helps them make decisions about whether to own them or not.

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Difference between high-end virtual staging and other editing levels?

With real estate virtual staging service, high-end virtual staging is the common name that represents the quality and level of detail of that photo. This level is the highest of the staging ranks. That means you will get the perfect picture. It is not only the basic interior decoration process, every little detail of the picture: shading, creating light effects, … are shown in detail by the designers. Ensure the highest realism for the whole picture.

Also, the most important point in high-end virtual staging is interior design. The choice of furniture not only affects the style and aesthetics but also determines the cost of that staged photo. You should be sure that the more beautiful the interior, the higher the cost and vice versa.

What is the minimum price you pay for high-end photos?

the cost of a high-end photo is not fixed. It depends on the type of furniture and the details you choose to decorate the room. Prices will range from a few dozen to several hundred dollars.

What is the minimum price you pay for high-end photos?

When using an outsourced service like Elite Photo Editing, you will receive a notice of the staging costs after the company views the pictures of the rooms that have not been staged. The company will inform in detail what kind of furniture, decorations, styles, … will be used for that room. Designers will base on business requirements and customer insights to design and stage, ensuring the highest authenticity and aesthetics for the photo.

Should you use a high-end virtual staging service?

You can use high-end virtual staging for all your rooms. Whether it is an old room or completely new construction, they are suitable for this service. With good technique and the ability to grasp market trends, designers can choose the decorative details and come up with the best style, best suited for your project.

Especially, with real estate projects that are high-end apartments or luxury villas, using this service is a way for you to affirm the value of that project. A few hundred dollars for a staged photo can be what you need to pay per room. But it is totally suitable and worth your investment. Because it not only brings luxury and class to that villa but also helps customers feel the actual value of the house. They will know that for that large amount of money, what they will get in a luxury apartment.

Should you use a high-end virtual staging service?

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The company that provides the leading high-end virtual staging service today

Elite Photo Editing is known as the leading virtual staging service provider today. With more than 10 years of operation in this field, EPE currently has nearly 100 designers along with a virtual staging library with thousands of details for you to freely choose. We can meet all the needs of customers as well as grasp the trend of user tastes very well.

Especially, with high-end virtual staging, this is the strength of Elite Photo Editing. The proof is that many luxury villas and apartments have been sold quickly after using this virtual staging service.

So, if you want to confirm the actual value of your home, virtual services will be the first choice for you. For more information about this service, please contact the hotline Mr. Henry Bui (84)3677 55686, or email for the best support and advice!

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