For the photos to be taken more complete with eye-catching colors and layouts, photo editing software is an indispensable tool. Currently, there are many tools developed to help users edit their photos quickly and conveniently. The following article will give everyone useful information about the 10 best free photo retouching software in 2022.

10 best free photo retouching apps you should choose

10 best free photo retouching apps you should choose

Although there is no cost, the current editing software has many outstanding features to meet the needs of users. Most of them can be used online or downloaded on PC, phone, or tablet devices. Here are 10 reputable software that we want to share with you.



This is known as the most popular free online photo editing tool today launched in 2012. The special feature of Canva is that it allows users to use the drag-and-drop feature immediately. Therefore, you can easily change colors, crop, edit, delete fonts, and add images, and text… quickly with just a few taps.

Besides, Canva provides you with a huge library of available images, fonts, and filters that give you the freedom to create your designs. It can be said that this is useful software for those who are just starting to use photo editing software.

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GIMP is a free photo retouching software that allows users to use it on many operating systems such as Linux, mac OS, and Microsoft Windows,… This software supports many features such as crop, draw, flip, and rotate. easily, remove fonts, remove background, balance, adjust brightness….So you can use GIMP to fine-tune your photos with better quality. In general, this is software that takes up quite a bit of space and can help convert and store photos in many different formats.


Fotor is an online software that includes basic and advanced editing features. This software currently provides more than 150 million photo effects, and 100 frame templates to help users freely edit and create their photos to become more attractive and eye-catching. In addition, Fotor is available on all device platforms. This makes it possible for users to view and edit photos flexibly.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

This is the most used professional real estate photo editing software today. The software provides a lot of different tools from basic to advanced: Crop tool, Move tool, Layers and Layer Masks, Marquee Tool, Clone Stamp Tool, Blending Mode…With these useful tools, you can control and Adjust color, and layout, remove noise, and add or remove objects, …

However, Adobe Photoshop is a software that includes many advanced features, to be able to create an impressive real estate photo that attracts customers, the user must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of real estate. edit photo.


If you are looking for editing software with fast working speed and saving time, Darktable is a top suggestion for you. This software has no lag in the working process, along with professional color management mode will give you the most satisfying experience. Overall, Darktable has all the necessary features from basic to advanced and allows your images to be stored in different formats.

Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is considered a great software to edit photos and create content according to the needs of users. The software allows you to use the full range of features without any cost. With what is available, you can customize the image to become sharper, add unique effects or remove unnecessary objects easily. Besides, Photo Pos Pro also supports storing images in many different file formats.


This is software developed for free on the Microsoft Windows platform. With a simple interface combined with basic editing features, will bring you fast work performance, minimizing latency. Therefore, if you are a beginner in photo editing, then will be a great tool for you.

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Inpixio is known as the best automatic photo editing software today. The software supports users with tools such as removing unwanted objects, adjusting colors, removing fonts, and removing background,… Especially with the automatic correction feature, in just a few seconds, the photo Your color and brightness will be automatically changed.


PhotoScape is a free application designed to be compact but still able to meet the basic requirements for your photos. The software is equipped with many features such as cropping, flipping, resizing, printing portraits, and passports, inserting text and adding effects… Especially, the batch editing tool is considered a feature. Highlights of the software make the user’s implementation process more convenient and easier



It is one of the most popular free photo retouching software available today. The software allows users to use many convenient features such as changing colors, deleting, and editing objects … Typically, with the support of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Pixlr can also help you. Easily remove fonts for your photos with just a few simple steps.

In addition, the software also provides users with 3 different usage packages: Free, Premium, and Creative. However, with the free plan, Pixlr will still give users the most satisfying experience.

What software can be used to retouch real estate photos?

Based on the information shared above, you must have partly chosen for yourself a suitable photo editing software. However, for a real estate photo, photographers and businesses often demand higher quality products. Due to hunger, the photos have to be edited with more sophisticated and advanced features and tools. EPE with many years of experience in the field of photo editing found that, in addition to the above 10 free photo retouching software, this is the best software in the field of real estate photo editing.

How to have the best real estate photos?

Creating a beautiful real estate photo relies on a lot of different factors:

  • Adjust color and light: Unedited photos are often taken in low light, backlit, or too bright light. During the editing process, editors will use tools to adjust brightness, and color, and make real estate photos the most harmonious and realistic.
  • Align image orientation: Some self-taken real estate photos will often encounter some problems such as skewed, not front-facing, or too wide shooting angles. This makes the photo look unsightly even when taken in a harmonious brightness. With free photo retouching software, editors can flexibly use flip, rotate, align, … suitable tools for each real estate photo.
  • Remove unnecessary objects: To get the most elaborate and meticulous photo, it is extremely important to remove unnecessary objects. In the real estate photographs taken, inevitably, inappropriate details such as trees, garbage, dust, and objects are arranged to make the house lack aesthetic …
  • Improve image quality: A real estate photo taken in low light often creates unnecessary noise. This affects the quality of the image. With Adobe Photoshop software, you can remedy that situation by adjusting the brightness, sharpening, and using a noise reduction filter.

Most photo editing software provides all the necessary features to edit real estate photos. However, for a photo to become eye-catching and attract the most customers, the editor needs to have proficient skills. If you are not a professional photo editor, then companies that provide photo editing services are a suggestion for you.

What software do photo retouching service companies use?

Currently, on the market, there are many real estate photo editing companies with a variety of services and different prices. Among them, Elite Photo Editing is the world’s leading photo retouching service provider with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Coming to Elite Photo Editing, your photos will be edited by a team of experienced editors with good aesthetic thinking. They have proficient knowledge and skills when flexibly using many different editing software. Besides, our company is always committed to putting product quality first, the photos are edited meticulously and professionally to best meet the requirements of customers.

Through the above article, hope that readers will draw for themselves some useful information about free photo retouching apps. If you need to edit real estate photos, please contact Elite Photo Editing via hotline + (84)3677 55686 or Email admin@elitephotoedit. com.


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