The real estate editing market is quite active. Elite Photo Editing is one of the many businesses and parties involved in this field. Elite Photo Editing has been participated in for almost ten years, which is clear proof of our competence. We always give our customers absolute trust with a set of 100 regular customers across countries with huge workloads every day. In the following article, we will provide some of the benefits that Elite Photo Editing brings to customers. Before we get into this, we’ll take a look at some of the key things about edit real estate photos.

The general concept of edit real estate photos

You can easily see that real estate agents always upload pictures of houses that are eye-catching and attract buyers. And how to do this? It is necessary to edit real estate photos so that they can display their best quality. Real estate photo editors will rely on specialized software to retouch the house to become sharp, full of color, and explicit.

The general concept of real estate photo editing

Is real estate photo editing as simple as you think?

It isn’t easy at all for someone who does not have experience with real estate editing, but I don’t think it is too challenging for someone who has some experience with photo editing. Real estate photo editing is a combination of art and business and you need to understand this to succeed in real estate photo editing.

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Benefits and potentials that edit real estate photos brings to your project

Real estate photo editing brings many benefits to real estate businesses. Some of the benefits are:

  • Remove unnecessary items. When capturing assets with a lot of distracting furniture, the editor will use specialized software to remove unwanted objects.
  • Besides removing, adding objects is also possible in editing. Editors in real estate editing can change a gray night sky to a sky full of blues and vivid clouds. Yellow, sunburned grass will become green again with a few simple steps.
Benefits and potentials
  • There are other benefits as well. Adding fire to the fireplace, greening the water in the lake, adding a TV to the screen, etc. Real estate photo editing has a single purpose: to attract people with real estate needs, and increase revenue for real estate sellers.

The potential that edit real estate photos brings to the project

  • Beautiful, true colors, clear images, and top-quality appeal to real estate buyers. A professional real estate photo editor is the person who gives real estate buyers a full view of the house through images so they can visualize the house they will live in. With beautiful images provided by the editor, they are likely to make a purchase. The result is an increase in sales for real estate agents.
  • The quality of real estate image greatly affects the purchase decision of customers. That is why big real estate agents are always looking for companies specializing in professional real estate photo editing. As they can deliver consistent, high-quality images in short times. When a real estate photo editing company provides agents with quality images, they can compete with other real estate agents, increasing the agency’s brand and identity.

How much does a real estate photo cost after editing?

The cost of real estate photo retouching depends on how much time it can take to edit an image and the client’s specific requirements for the image. There usually will be four types of prices with four levels of editing.

  • Basic style: will cost from $0.5 to $0.9 per image. For this style, the editor does not take too much time to edit. The time can be 1 image in about 10 minutes, mainly correcting the color and exposure of the photo.
  • Standard style: will cost between $1 and $2 per image. For this style, the editor does not take too much time. Editors with real estate photo editing experience will take about 10 minutes to edit in this style. Depending on the level and requirements of the customer, the editor can add a TV screen, remove a few unnecessary small objects, and add fire to the fireplace for the house…
How much does a real estate photo cost after editing?
  • Advanced style: will cost from $2 to $3 per image. It takes more time and requires an experienced editor in real estate editing for this style, requiring every detail to be rendered perfectly. The time is also longer. It can take 15 to 20 minutes for an image and require skill, high effort, or deleting large objects, complex to meet customer requirements.
  • Highend style: will cost from $4 for an image or even more than the customer can pay if the editor can accommodate. Customers often require high-end editing with high-value real estate units, requiring editors with long experience, and meticulous and precise edits. Editing time for an image can be 30 minutes or more.

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What do you get from Elite Photo Editing’s outsourced real estate editing

  • Best quality photos: As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Elite Photo Editing has more than 100 regular customers in different countries proving that Elite Photo Editing offers customers guaranteed quality and stability with customers’ trust.
  • Low cost per photo: We are confident in providing our customers with high-quality editing experiences at a low cost. We make sure that this is the competitive price in the real estate photo editing market.
  • High responsiveness: Elite Photo Editing provides the real estate editing market with more than 80 editors, who can edit with a heavy workload of the day, about 8000 photos. We meet all customer requirements with fast turnaround times.
  • Transparent and strict working process: You can refer to our website As we have explained before, we believe our nine-step process is completely transparent to work with.
  • Good choice for all worldwide customers: With the benefits and potentials that real estate photo editing brings, Elite Photo Editing confidently gives customers a great experience, saving you time editing. , spend more time having business development and family time.

Outsourcing real estate editing with Elite Photo Editing is the smart choice if you want to grow and expand your business market. Contact Elite Photo Editing immediately via hotline   + (84)3677 55686 or visit our website to register for a free trial!


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