Virtual staging is one of the modern techniques commonly used in real estate photo editing. Different factors affect the cost of virtual staging. So, does editing style affect virtual staging costs? How much does it cost to set up a messy room? All these questions will be answered in the article below!

Determine the style of the house based on the interior decoration system

An empty, cluttered room will hardly impress customers. Therefore, the virtual home staging service was born to make these rooms more attractive in the eyes of customers. You need to determine the right style for the house to be able to reach potential customers more easily. Currently, customers tend to prefer apartments with a modern style, open space, and many trees arranged in the house. This is an interesting suggestion for you to apply for your apartment.

Once you define a style, you can add items, appliances, furniture, and appliances to the space you want to edit. It can be the bedroom, living room, kitchen… The whole process will be done by technicians using modern computer software.

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Does editing style affect virtual staging costs?

Editing style is an important factor affecting the cost of virtual staging. You can do virtual staging for the house in many different styles such as minimalism, modern, classic, nature, etc. Each style will have different furniture items to show its characteristics. of that style. When you use the interior more, the more beautiful, the more modern, and the higher the cost of editing and staging.

In addition, the cost of virtual staging also depends on the size of the room, the operations that need to be corrected on the photo, and the photo editing unit you choose,… Therefore, when conducting virtual staging. real estate, you should consider these factors to optimize costs.

Cost of virtual staging for an empty room and a messy room

With an empty room, the virtual home staging service will perform the editing steps easily. First, the technician will calibrate and optimize the parameters on the image that the customer has not adjusted. They then use specialized software to add different pieces of furniture to the room.

Cost of virtual staging for an empty room and a messy room

With messy rooms, it will take you longer to perfect the product. Before performing the above steps, the technician must remove excess objects, unsightly details, cluttered items in the room, etc. Therefore, fix a messy room. will cost more than a regular empty room.

As a real estate business, you need to look for units that provide good price virtual staging solutions to reduce investment costs for the house. Especially for real estate agents, when you choose a suitable company, you will cut a huge amount of money to invest in editing thousands of your homes and projects.

Cost of virtual staging at Elite Photo Editing

At Elite Photo Editing, we offer virtual staging services at extremely competitive rates. You only need to pay about $15 per image that needs virtual staging. With this cost, the image of your room will be optimized with full furniture as required. For rooms that have not been edited or have not been decluttered, you will need to pay a small fee to edit the images before proceeding with the virtual staging. The fee depends on the difficulty of the photo as well as the requirements of you and the business.

We will help your customers see the potential and beauty of the property when fully furnished. From there, the process of buying, selling, or renting apartments between you and customers becomes simpler, faster, and more convenient.
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Quality is the top criterion of Elite Photo Editing

Elite Photo Editing is proud to be one of the leading virtual staging solutions providers today. We always take quality as a guideline for development. All of our products when delivered to customers meet strict requirements in terms of quality and quantity. Elite Photo Editing can meet large orders, and high technical requirements while ensuring an affordable price.

In addition, we own a team of more than 80 technicians who can work continuously to deliver products on time. They have long experience, good aesthetic thinking, and can proficiently use specialized virtual staging software. After receiving the request from the customer, the staff of Elite Photo Editing will advise you on the best solution, and the most suitable style for the apartment.

Quality is the top criterion of Elite Photo Editing

In addition, you can choose furniture to your liking from our virtual furniture library. Elite Photo Editing library has thousands of luxurious and modern furniture items, divided into many different styles. For customers with a large number of staged photos, it will be difficult for them to manually choose each style for their room. Don’t worry when Elite Photo Edit can help you with that. Our designers will base this on the client’s request to conduct virtual staging. Most customers will not spend too much time making re-edit requests.

You just went through some interesting facts about virtual staging costs. If you need to implement this solution for your company, please contact Elite Photo Editing immediately via Hotline (+84) 3677 55686 (Mr. Henry Bui’s). We are always ready to answer all your questions as well as respond to all your requests 24/7. In particular, you can visit the Elite Photo Editing website for more information and sign up for a free trial.

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