Real estate photo editing is an emerging field that many people are interested in. Especially photographers and companies specializing in real estate. Beautiful real estate photos will help you easily impress customers and contribute great value to the company. If you are learning about this field? Let’s take a look at real estate photo editing software for beginners in the article below!

Why is real estate photo editing increasingly popular?

Why is real estate photo editing increasingly popular?

Currently, the real estate market everywhere is on a strong development trend. Companies appear more and more with a series of new projects, leading to no small competition. We can easily come across different real estate advertising images in the media. However, not all images are invested and cared for. Despite spending a lot on marketing costs, many companies still cannot reach potential customers. The main reason comes from poor-quality images.

Therefore, a real estate photo editing service was born to meet the needs of image beautification. This service is getting more and more popular and trusted by people. From unattractive photos, through real estate photo editing software, with the skillful hands of technicians, you have impressive and beautiful photos. You can use them to advertise and introduce your real estate products to customers, with very low service fees. It’s convenient and useful, isn’t it?

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Is it possible to edit real estate photos by myself?

You can completely edit real estate photos yourself through today’s popular photo editing software. Simple operations such as adjusting brightness, cropping images, and increasing or decreasing saturation or resolution… can be easily performed on these applications. However, the product quality may not be as expected. Because, besides good tools, you also have to have the knowledge and aesthetic thinking about real estate photo editing.

Besides, difficult requirements such as adding and removing objects, changing image details, and adjusting HDR, … require the editor to have good technical skills. Therefore, with these cases, you can consider using outsourced real estate photo editing services. This method is both fast and economical and produces products of good and stable quality.

Is it possible to edit real estate photos by myself?

Some real estate photo editing software for beginners

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the leading real estate photo editing software today. This tool provides many different functions for you to freely manipulate the image. You can increase or decrease the brightness, cut out objects, or adjust the HDR directly in Photoshop. However, Photoshop takes a long time to get used to using proficiently. In addition, you can also use this software through a very handy phone interface.

Luminar AI

Luminar AI is capable of fast image processing and can suggest automatic solutions for your images. This software can handle small details that require ingenuity and meticulousness. In parallel, you can use this software as a plug-in for other image editing tools such as:

  • Photoshop 2020
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements

Especially, if your image was taken on a cloudy and less vivid day, Luminar AI can immediately process it with the Sky Replacement tool.


Another outstanding real estate photo editing software is Pixlr. This software provides various filters and tools for users to use easily. You can change the color, composition, crop, and apply available effects to the photo. When using the crop feature, the image will be cropped to the ratio and size you desire. From there, you can immediately use these images to promote on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

For starters, get the most out of the various automatic image adjustments, filters, and artistic overlays included with Pixlr Express.

Some real estate photo editing software for beginners

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Elite Photo Edit – Professional real estate photo editing service around the world

Elite Photo Edit is a leading real estate photo editing unit with a wide range of services to meet all your needs. We have been in this field for over 10 years on a global scale. Elite Photo Edit customers come from more than 20 countries and every day we release 8000 of the best photos to serve the market. Quality and prestige are always the goals that we aim for.

Besides, Elite Photo Edit owns more than 80 photo editing staff with high professional qualifications and good aesthetic thinking. We are always ready to support and answer all customer questions 24/7. A clear, transparent 9-step public workflow that’s easy to track and evaluate. In particular, we also have many attractive policies and promotions just for you. Let Elite Photo Edit accompany you!

So, you have just reviewed the popular real estate photo editing software today. The value that real estate photo editing brings is extremely great. So consider using this service today. You can contact Elite Photo Edit via hotline + (84)3677 55686 whenever you need. Or consult and register for a trial at our website!

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