Currently, virtual staging for real estate is a trend favored by many real estate companies. This method brings many great benefits to businesses at a relatively low cost. If you are looking for a unit that provides good quality real estate virtual staging? Discover now Elite Photo Editing – the best home staging companies from only $12 in the article below!

Who is Elite Photo Editing?

Who is Elite Photo Editing?

Elite Photo Editing is a unit specializing in providing real estate image editing services in general and virtual staging in particular. We operate on a global scale and can fulfill orders 100% online. Elite Photo Editing always takes quality as a guideline to develop and serve customers. We are committed to bringing you the most impressive, beautiful, and high-quality real estate images.

What will we give you?

Elite Photo Editing is proud to be one of the best home staging companies on the market. We currently offer a variety of real estate photo editing services to meet all of our client’s needs. You can refer to 6 main services including:

Photo Editing

Photo Retouching

Virtual Staging

Day-to-night conversion

720 panorama

Floor plan

In particular, virtual staging is an area of ​​strength of Elite Photo Editing, which is highly appreciated by many partners. With a design team of up to 80 people, we can fulfill large orders with high technical requirements quickly and efficiently. Elite Photo Editing always puts quality at the center, saying no to poorly staged and poorly staged photos.

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Why Elite Photo Editing is the best home staging companies

Exceptional image quality

Thanks to a team of leading experts in the field of virtual staging, Elite Photo Editing can provide customers with photos of outstanding quality. We will transform ordinary photos into sharp and attractive ones. The output quality is strictly monitored by Elite Photo Editing, ensuring the best image quality for customers.

In addition, when using the virtual real estate staging service at Elite Photo Editing, you will be provided with a virtual interior library with many different details such as cabinets, sofas, tables, chairs, and decorative items, … Customers can consult and choose the furniture as well as the design style following the needs of the business.

Prestigious and professional service

Elite Photo Editing always delivers the product as quickly and fully as required. No delay, ensuring the most efficient and smooth work progress.

In particular, Elite Photo Editing staff are always ready to answer customers’ various questions 24/7. We always keep a professional, dedicated and dedicated attitude to support customers in the fastest way. In addition, we have many unexpected promotions and after-sales policies for you and your business.

Effective management process

When you start a partnership with Elite Photo Editing, you will experience a professional 6-step workflow. Company information, contracts, quotes, and working processes are all agreed upon with customers openly and transparently. In addition, we also provide modern co-working software, protect data safety and help customers actively monitor work progress.

Virtual staging price per photo at Elite Photo Editing

Currently, many companies provide virtual real estate staging in the market. Each company has a different price, usually ranging from $20 – $50 per photo to be staged. However, many virtual staging companies offer low advertising fees, but the quality of the products is not perfect as promised. This is something that businesses should pay attention to choose the right outsourced staging unit.

When working with Elite Photo Editing, customers can participate directly in the editing process and monitor image quality from start to finish. Especially, you only need to pay a private fee of $ 12 per image to be staged. In addition, with a large number of images, customers can receive preferential prices and many attractive policies. We will help viewers see the potential and value of your real estate most vividly and truly.

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Customer reviews about the services of the best home staging companies

Customer reviews about the services of the best home staging companies

Over 10 years of experience in the field of virtual real estate staging, Elite Photo Editing has had the opportunity to work with many partners and large enterprises in more than 20 countries such as Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Canada,… Up to 95% of customers are satisfied with our service and will return in the future. This is a great motivation for Elite Photo Editing to step by step become the best home staging company as it is now.

Mr. Busato – marketing director of a large real estate corporation once shared with us as follows: “Actually, I and the company appreciate the great things that Elite Photo Editing has brought. You are always ready to support us as well as bring very quality products and images. Hopefully, in the future, we will have more opportunities to work together.”

Besides, Ms. Maria – a famous real estate photographer also said: “Thank you Elite Photo Editing for accompanying me in the recent exhibition project. You guys have a great staff who have helped me a lot. They are dedicated, professional, and very good at their profession. I am extremely pleased to be working with you.”

The fastest contact information for Elite Photo Editing

With many years of experience in real estate photo editing and virtual staging, Elite Photo Editing can meet the most demanding requirements of customers around the world. We will listen to the opinions and needs of customers to offer the most optimal solutions at extremely good prices.

If you have any questions or concerns about the real estate virtual staging service, please contact the hotline Mr. Henry Bui + at (84)3677 55686 or email for best support. Alternatively, you can visit our website here to sign up for a free trial and learn more about other services!

So, you just went through some interesting information about Elite Photo Editing – the best home staging company. Don’t let your photos be monotonous and unattractive, beautify them today!

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