Bad photo retouching is a “worry” of many photographers and designers in the image editing process. This condition causes the image to be degraded in quality and loss of aesthetics. So what is bad photo retouching? How to get rid of this situation when editing images? Let’s find out in the article below!

What is bad photo retouching?

What is bad photo retouching?

Bad photo retouching is a term that refers to basic errors in the image editing process that prevent images from achieving the required quality and aesthetics. These errors are often related to lighting, composition, exposure, sharpness, shadows, etc. on the image. The cause may stem from the technician’s limited software skills, aesthetic thinking, basic knowledge of incomplete images, and other objective factors.

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Some common mistakes that designers often make in the editing process

In the process of performing image editing, designers often make the following common mistakes:

  • Adjusting the sharpness excessively makes the photo look fake and unreal.
  • Using too high saturation makes the colors on the photo not true to reality.
  • Shading the wrong size of objects in the image makes the image illogical.
  • Improper increase or decrease of image noise can cause a loss of detail on the subject.
  • Do not use input images as RAW images.
  • Remove the object without modifying the background to suit the context.
  • Adding details without paying attention to perspective makes the added detail too big or too small to cause imbalance.

How do you get out of “bad photo retouching”?

To get rid of the situation of “bad photo retouching”, photo technicians need to equip and improve the following factors:

Knowledge base

If you are fully equipped with a basic knowledge of images, you will be able to limit the basic mistakes when editing images. The most basic things such as light, composition, color, and design style … will be an effective “assistant” to help you create beautiful and quality photos, ending the situation of “bad photo retouching“. Besides, this knowledge will build design thinking and aesthetic thinking about images, helping you to make the right and most appropriate adjustments for each photo.

To cultivate and improve this knowledge every day, you can follow free programs on image editing on digital platforms such as youtube, Facebook, forums,… or join courses. about professional image editing today.

Skill in using specialized software

Errors when editing images often stem from shortcomings in using specialized software to adjust images. To minimize these things, you need to try to improve your skills in using software to be able to edit images flexibly and competently. At the same time, you should cultivate and learn more new software, in order to meet the more difficult editing requirements.

Exercise regularly

Maintaining a regular image editing habit will help you practice editing skills as well as aesthetic thinking. You should persistently practice manipulations such as editing layout, adjusting lighting, designing perspective, adding or removing objects… to improve your level as well as master editing tools. Through this process, you can identify mistakes and know how to fix them, to create beautiful and attractive photos.

How to become a professional designer

How to become a professional designer

To become a professional designer, you need to be fully equipped with the above factors such as background knowledge, software skills, perseverance, and hard work,… Besides, you also need training in aesthetic thinking and design thinking to come up with the most optimal editing solutions for images. In addition, you should regularly update the latest design and image editing trends to be able to promptly meet the tastes of today’s viewers.

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Where can you work after becoming a professional designer?

After becoming a professional designer, you will have many opportunities to work “ideal” at large companies because the image editing needs of businesses are very large. In particular, you can completely become a part of Elite Photo Editing – the leading real estate image editing solution provider on the market today. We always look forward to cooperating with highly qualified technicians and designers with solid professional knowledge.

Coming to Elite Photo Editing, designers will enjoy a good compensation policy and a fairly high salary compared to the common ground. If you work hard, you can absolutely receive a salary of $ 30,000 / year. At the same time, learn a lot of valuable experiences from the experts at the company.

For real estate businesses that need to edit images, Elite Photo Editing is a wise choice for you. We work  Surely will bring customers the best, most vivid photos and suitable for the tastes of today’s viewers. Whenever you have a need, please contact Elite Photo Editing at Email: or hotline Mr. Henry Bui + at (84)3677 55686 for a free consultation 24/7. In particular, we are having a free product test program for customers who register today!

Hopefully, with the information about “bad photo retouching” above, you can recognize the basic mistakes when editing images to create the best products in the future!

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