Every housing project is designed and has detailed architectural images and drawings before construction. But not all architectural images are of good quality. They need to go through a process of editing, adding, or removing necessary objects to be complete. So what is architecture photo editing? Does photo editing change the original architecture? The following article will answer all questions related to architectural photo editing, so don’t ignore it.

What is architecture photo editing?

Architecture photo editing is a technique using specialized editing software to edit the details, and colors of the image, add or remove interior or exterior parts of the house accordingly and attract viewers. It helps the construction worker easily observe and understand the drawing of the house. From there, it is possible to proceed with the construction according to the investor’s requirements.

What is architecture photo editing?

Is editing architecture photos a complete change of architecture design?

Architecture photo editing does not completely change the architectural design. Architecture photo editing helps to make the photo more refined in detail. Designers will use specialized photo editing software to edit colors; add or remove objects to make the photo look more attractive and more interconnected. The photo after editing still retains the original design.

What objects can be replaced in architecture photo editing

An architecture photo after editing will be more complete if the editor knows how to remove or replace unnecessary objects in the house such as:

  • Living room: Remove unnecessary power cords and replace sofa sets suitable for the living room area to increase aesthetics.
  • Bedroom: Replace the wardrobe and bed suitable with the design style of the investor and the business’s offers.
  • Kitchen: Arrange and replace the furniture in the kitchen to make it neatly and convenient. Replace old-style kitchen stoves with modern, beautiful ones.

Software commonly used to edit architectural photos

Along with the development of society, the demand for aesthetics is also increasing. This is why more and more photo editing software is born with modern and attractive features. Software commonly used for architecture photo editing such as:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a popular image editing software, widely used in many fields, especially in architectural image editing. Photoshop offers many useful editing features to make the photos come alive with several color gamuts.

Software commonly used to edit architectural photos

Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is an image editing application that has many features such as Cropping, resizing objects, adding effects to photos, and removing unnecessary details. In particular, this software gives users good image quality, attracting viewers.


This is a basic editing software for those who are new to architecture photo editing as they have many graphic features and cuts out the necessary objects in the picture. In addition, you can also customize other factors. For instance, light balance, noise reduction, and adding effects for the photo.

Outsourced architectural photo editing

Architecture photo editing is currently a photo editing service that many real estate businesses are interested in. It is one of the reputable, quality, reliable, and highly interested outsourced architecture photo editing service providers. We have to mention Elite Photo Editing because of:

  • Good product quality: Elite Photo Editing’s designers have many years of experience using specialized software to edit all images. Photos are carefully edited and polished to every small detail to improve image quality.
  • Long-term experience in photo editing: Elite Photo Editing is a company that has been operating in the real estate photo editing industry for a long time, with a team of experienced professional staff. All services receive positive reviews and feedback from customers.
Outsourced architectural photo editing
  • Photo editing costs worth the quality: We have many architectural photo editing service packages with different prices for customers to choose to suit their needs. If you choose the more advanced service package, the more refined the product will be.
  • Good customer service: Friendly, dedicated, attentive customer service staff always answer all questions and respond to customer emails within 15 minutes. Elite Photo Editing always ensures that customers will have the best experience when using the service.

Customer support policy of the world’s leading photo editing company

There are many different support policies available when you use the services of Elite Photo Editing, one of the world’s leading photo editing companies. There are 3 main support policies that we apply to customers which are:

Information privacy policy

Elite Photo Editing pays great attention to the Privacy policy. To ensure the confidentiality of personal information, we only use this information to consult information related to the customer’s photo editing needs and call customer care first in the morning and after using the service.

Product delivery policy

When handing over the products, you can check all the images after editing them before receiving them. During the inspection, if there is a part of the image that does not match the requirements, we will take full responsibility and immediately repair the products.

Payment support policy

Elite Photo Editing is the leading real estate photo editing company in the world. So that we always update the latest support policies for customers. For customers who have used the service, payment can be made after receiving the goods, and for new customers, a deposit will be required. The deposit is usually 30 – 50% of the total order value and the remaining amount will be paid after receiving the product.

It is hoped that you have learned something new about architecture photo editing by reading the above article. Don’t overlook Elite Photo Editing if you need affordable architectural photo editing. We accept all requests for real estate photo editing. With many years of photo editing experience, we are confident to bring you exquisite pictures at an optimal cost. Contact me for advice!


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